Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a fantastic cast of visiting NPCs, but it’s still missing some of the biggest from previous games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has one of the strongest cast of rotating NPC visitors in the entire series, but some notable faces from previous games are still missing. Nintendo has done a fantastic job of adding new content to the Animal crossing experience, but they haven’t added many visitors outside of the special holidays.

While the usual villagers on a player’s island are important, nothing is more integral to the player. Animal crossing Experience the joy of walking around town and meeting a face that players don’t see every day. It is one of the reasons why KK Slider is not official. Animal crossing pet, even though it only appears on Saturdays. As strong as the current group is, New Horizons It has a one-year shelf life and some of the visitors are starting to feel a bit stale. Now is the perfect time to remedy this by bringing back some old favorites.

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Kapp’n is the most obvious name to start with when talking about lost visitors. Not only is every Animal crossing The player’s favorite turtle, he is also the only sailor in the series, which would make you think that he would be a lock for New Horizons’ island environment. Kapp’n was last seen in New leaf where he regularly transported players to a tropical island in his speedboat. Hearing him ramble and sing about his sea huts was always a pleasure, and it’s a shame not to have him in New Horizons.

Former Animal Crossing Villagers May Return

Animal Crossing - Picnic

However, there are perhaps reasons for optimism, as being able to visit smaller islands seems like a natural addition to the New Horizons formula. It’s already possible to travel to Harv Island for photo shoots, but it looks like this could be expanded even further with additional locations. If players needed to take a ship to these hypothetical new Animal crossing islands, Kapp’n seems to be the most qualified pilot.

Speaking of favorites from the series, Pete, the pelican who carries the mail, is one of the most iconic Animal crossing characters despite being one of the most underused. Since the original game, Pete has tirelessly delivered mail to villagers around the world. In Wild World, players can see it on the clock when it occasionally flies through the sky (particularly cruel players can even shoot it). Pete has been to every game in the series thus far, so it seems like his appearance is inevitable at some point. Pete was also famous for being quite in love with Phyllis, another pelican who appeared prominently in Wild World. Expanding Animal crossingRomantic characteristics are a longtime fan request, so perhaps Pete could help usher in a new era of love.

The next visitor to be added may sound a bit strange, but Lyle the otter has also long been making his New Horizons appearance. Believe it or not, the scheming insurance agent of the Animal crossing Universo is probably not as popular a name as others, but there is still a lot of potential in the idea of ​​it making a return. Most notable for its appearance in Wild World, where he would harass the player every Saturday into buying his ridiculously bad insurance packages, Lyle could definitely be reworked into a more useful role this time around.

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Lyle could update his services to include some type of renewal insurance that the player could use when working on the island. The community has done crazy things with New Horizons Customization options and adding to players’ toolboxes is always a good idea. Also, the cast of Animal crossing it’s always a little too nice. The game needs more bastards, and Lyle is a perfect fit for that role.

A Animal crossing the game is only as good as its special characters, and luckily Animal Crossing: New Horizons they already have a fantastic squad in that sense. However, adding Kapp’n, Pete, and Lyle would help take it to a level that no previous game in the series has reached.

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