Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are calling Kylie Jenner’s latest paid ad where she is surrounded by Louis Vuitton bags.

Kylie Jenner gets millions annually from paid ads and endorsement deals. the keeping up with the Kardashians Star’s latest paid ad has fans responding to how trustworthy the promo contest is. In the ad, Kylie is seen sitting around a group of Louis Vuitton bags. Some of her followers seem eager to participate, while many others wonder if the beauty mogul announced a suspicious giveaway.

In 2020, Forbes ranked Kylie as the highest paid celebrity. Reportedly, he consistently gets $ 1 million ad deals. To top it off, her Kylie Cosmetics brand helped her land a $ 1.2 billion deal on Coty cosmetics. You don’t have a desperate need for paid endorsements, but whatever brand you choose to promote is probably paying a heavy price to get the attention of your 217 million followers. For most of Kylie’s Instagram posts, she promotes her own skincare and cosmetic products. Some of her sexy and elegant photos offer labels to designers. But there are certain giveaways that Kylie, her mother, and her sisters regularly promote on their Instagram pages that have made some fans skeptical.

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On Thursday, the reality star shared a Photo slipping her sitting around shopping bags and Louis Vuitton luggage. In the long title, it promoted a credit card contest that users had to enter through Scott Disick. “Who wants to win an $ 80,000 USD pre-loaded credit card (to spend however you want) 💳 👛 + everything shown here with me? $ 80,000 USD 👀 !! Like last time, it’s open worldwide.” she captioned the post. As mentioned in its promotional title, it is a contest that the Life of Kylie star has promoted before. “YOU MUST ENTER THROUGH @letthelordbewithyou,“She added. Glancing at Scott’s page, Kylie’s ad was her last post. It’s clear that the reality star family is working together and making money in the process.

But some fans expressed skepticism about the contest and the chances of someone actually winning. “Has anyone ever won these?“asked a fan. “I wonder if anyone really wins these“added another. One fan blatantly said that “This looks so sketchy.“The doubts of the followers of Kylie continued arriving”.This is a lie,” said another. “This is not your time for scams “ someone else joked. “Kylie, nobody wins these “ declared a fan. But in true Kardashian-Jenner fashion, Kylie chose to ignore the criticism and do what she was paid to do.

In the past, Kris Jenner and all of her daughters posted these credit card giveaways on their pages. They are known to only line up with high-priced deals, so it’s possible for each family member to earn a penny every time they share the contest with their followers. When combined, the family has more than 500 million followers around the world. Many comments on his posts include fans of all backgrounds. Any advertiser would pay millions to get that access.

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