The latest post from Married At First Sight star Chris Williams left fans concerned as he appeared to be threatening anyone who comes for him with ‘bullies’.

Chris Williams is the name on everyone’s lips in the Married at first sight community right now. Do not MAFS Star has once ruffled so many feathers, not only among her co-stars but also among fans of the show. The star has even been mentioned by former cast member Jamie Otis, prompting applause from Chris himself. Now Chris forgives no one when it comes to defending himself. The reality star recently shared a troubling post on Facebook, and fans are concerned that he appears to be threatening anyone who came for him with violence in return.

the Married at first sight The fanbase is not impressed with this season of the show. There has been drama after drama, and at the center of that drama has been Chris Williams. Even before fans of the show found out that the finance manager would be expecting a baby with her ex-fiancé, his attitude towards Paige Banks, his wife, annoyed viewers. Chris slept with Paige and later told her that he wasn’t attracted to her. Like Paige, many fans were stumped by this situation. On a recent episode of the show, he told Paige that he wanted a divorce, then turned around and said he was afraid of falling in love with her.

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MAFS Viewers have been upset by the way Chris Williams was treating Paige Banks, and there are also fans who are confused as to why she is sticking with him. In a recent Facebook post by Chris, which was republished on Reddit, he went to people who had been reporting his behavior. The post read, “You can’t have a big mouth and not have thugs on deck!” Chris admitted to having muscle because he knows his mouth gets him in trouble. He continued saying, “Please proceed my way with caution! This is ridiculous! When it comes to my safety, there will be no grace! Let’s relax!”

Fans were confused by that statement, with many commenting that the post was not very “Like Christ or fearing God.” At this point, however, fans have seen that Chris Williams hasn’t always been the best man in such tense situations. One example is when he got into a fight with his co-star Erik Lake, and things escalated quickly. Chris has proven to be irascible, impulsive, and rude throughout the show thus far. Therefore, it is no wonder that he came for people in this way.

Chris is playing with Paige, and should never have signed up for Married at first sight because it is clearly a child who is expecting a child. So far, the entire process has been clouded by the drama of her baby mama. Paige deserves better and hopefully realizes that and walks away.

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Married at first sight airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

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