Marvel Studios Head of Content Operations and Marvel Cinematic Universe Producer Kevin Feige has addressed how Disney + has brought new “creative energy” to their vision for a shared film franchise. And no one can deny that.

Marvel Studios, under the visionary leadership of Kevin Feige, has changed people’s perceptions and expectations with superhero movies and comic book adaptations. Over the past twelve to thirteen years, Marvel has created an entirely new landscape for shared cinematic universes, and its legacy is defined by other studios that are willing to take a similar approach to shared cinematic universes. Additionally, now-defunct Marvel Television properties like Agents of SHIELD gave viewers an expanded view of the MCU lore; from a different background and perspective. Agents of protection It was the show that made everyone realize that it is a completely different world with viewers to delve into.

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And now, with the release of WandaVision At Disney +, we’ve seen how the web television space can broaden the horizons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the arrival of new shows in the future, Disney + will become the leading streaming platform for viewers’ favorite Marvel content.

Speaking with the TV Critics Association, Feige stated how the MCU has received new creative direction through Disney +. And it certainly has.

First of all, Disney + has incidentally added to Marvel’s profits. Call it a coincidence, but the platform has allowed Marvel to ensure a smooth running of its lore to move forward at a time when each of its future films has been delayed due to the pandemic. The Disney + miniseries ventures have made it possible for Phase 4 of the MCU to begin without hitting the studio business and risking declining viewership. In fact, WandaVision it became the most watched show on the platform.

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Also, since the end of the Infinity Saga, Marvel pretty much finished a ten-year story and required a new set of stories to continue, and that too with all the central characters retired or dead. Disney + gave Marvel a platform to test supporting characters in prominent roles, but in a smaller space on a smaller budget. That idea spawned not only helped Marvel realize what other superheroes like Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and other comic book characters associated with them could bring to the MCU; and at the same time, explore new characters like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. It is practical, as these characters are not well known to those who are not interested in comics and telling their stories to a global audience through streaming gives the studio to make them more familiar to viewers.

Marvel Studios needed new characters and stories to continue The infinite saga and Disney_ + gave the studio to introduce them all together in a short span of time, while the movies division continues to build separate new stories so they all intertwine in the future.

Marvel has created a profitable franchise, well, the highest grossing at the box office. Technically, Marvel could never have lost its viewers given the invincible relationship they have created over the decade. However, Disney + has given the MCU a path to explore multiple directions at once without incurring huge marketing costs and worrying about box office returns. Y WandaVision it is proof of the same.

While Marvel’s competitors have struggled to thrive during the pandemic, Marvel’s long-term plans have proved fruitful for the studio. Not to mention that it has helped Disney + reach the top spot in the streaming wars, as Marvel properties have attracted and will continue to attract new and returning subscribers to the platform.

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In addition to planned Phase 4 movies and future movies like Blade, Fantastic Four, etc., Marvel would bring new stories like Armor Wars, Secret Invasion, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye through Disney +, thereby expanding the always – the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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