While Pokémon is known for its extensive list of creatures, the mobile game Masters celebrates the series’ underrated human characters.

Since its launch a year and a half ago, the mobile game Pokémon Masters has held a variety of special events and added characters from the series’ 25-year history. While the game itself has an ongoing main storyline that follows the player traveling to the Pasio region and competing in the Pokémon Masters League alongside fan-favorite characters like Brock and Misty, it is the timed story of the game and the Legendary events the ones that really stand out.

the Pokemon The franchise, understandably, tends to focus on lovable, cool, tough, and unique monsters that players can meet, befriend, and fight. However, it has also introduced many fascinating human characters over the years that are overshadowed by the Pokémon themselves. While the stories told in the main series games vary in depth and quality, each generation has featured some great characters, from rivals to gym leaders, evil team members, and more.

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What did Pokémon Masters Just as intriguing from the moment it was announced was its focus on beloved characters like the original protagonist Red and Champions. Pokemon Games rarely include more than brief cross-generational references or cameos, so the concept of characters like Steven Stone and Cynthia, who originated from different regions to meet and interact, was exciting.

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Teachers itself has a fairly simple storyline, which doesn’t leave much room for depth, nuance, or complex character interactions. It’s not really surprising given the game’s casual mobile audience, but what’s noteworthy is how some of the game’s special events have included great interactions between characters that made interact in their own games, conversations fans have always wanted to witness.

One of them was the final event of 2020, “The Ideal Formula”, which added to the game N, the enemy turned friend of Generation V. In black and white Players will recall that after the revelation that his entire life and worldview has been shaped by the manipulation of his adoptive father Ghetsis, N wanders away from Unova on Reshiram or Zekrom. It leaves the protagonist (Hilbert or Hilda) with a poignant speech on how to follow his dreams before setting out on his own journey.

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N returns in Black 2 and White 2 just in time to save the new protagonist (Nate or Rosa) from Ghetsis, but at this point, the old protagonist has left Unova in search of him. Since the characters have not been seen or referenced since, it is unknown if they were found again or not, but Pokémon Masters finally provided the players with their reunion.

During “The Ideal Formula”, Hilbert finds out that N is in Pasio and goes to look for it. After rescuing N from the villainous Team Break, Hilbert and N finally manage to have a ten-year conversation in the works, which involves Hilbert yelling at N for leaving so suddenly and not giving him a chance to respond. The moment, while light and fun, was moving for those fans who have waited 10 years since the release of the first Generation V games to see the protagonist and his former rival together once again.

This is not the only time Teachers has represented an important interaction that the games in the main series did not, or could not, show. From now until March 4, players can participate in the Legendary “Give and Take” event, which adds Generation VI Professor Sycamore and Team Leader Flare Lysandre to the game.

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In X and Y, Sycamore and Lysandre are initially friends, with Lysandre being the professor’s former student. Lysandre later reveals that she is in charge of Team Flare and, fearing the loss of the world’s beauty due to scarcity and greed, seeks to destroy most of the world’s life. After the player defeats him, Sycamore apologizes for not doing more to avoid his villain turn in the first place. He says that while he had high hopes for Lysandre and her passion, he feels guilty for never voicing his concerns regarding Lysandre’s extreme views.

Teachers he finally gives Sycamore a chance to have this conversation with his old friend. After hearing rumors about the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas residing in Pasio, Sycamore, the player, and Generation VI protagonists Calem and Serena set out to find it. They meet Lysandre, who has obtained the foil of Xerneas, Yveltal, and plans to destroy Pasio and prevent the Life Pokémon from granting immortality to anyone.

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Here, Sycamore finally confronts Lysandre, reminding her that while his means are cruel and unjustifiable, his goal of making the world a better place is noble and worth working for. While neither of them can convince the other to recant their convictions, they reach an understanding. Lysandre even calls Sycamore “old friend” when he leaves.

This moment, of course, is not canon in terms of the main series games. It is not even clear how it could take place given that X and Y It ends with Lysandre activating the Ultimate Weapon and being buried under the rubble, possibly dead or immortal depending on the energy of the Legendary Pokémon she used to power the machine. Teachers it doesn’t attempt to answer this question, but it doesn’t have to. In the end, these conversations are good services for fans who recognize that Pokemon he is loved by more than his creatures.

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