Jennifer Aydin tried to warn Teresa Giudice about spreading rumors of infidelity about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband without proof.

Before Teresa Giudice started spreading the rumor about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan, in The Real Housewives of New JerseyJennifer Aydin tried to stop him. Jennifer and Jackie may have had their differences in the past, but Jennifer was quick to remind Teresa not to mention the rumor to her or anyone else if she had no proof. Teresa didn’t listen to Jennifer’s advice and spread the rumor anyway.

The season 11 premiere episode of RHONJ he did not disappoint the fans. Teresa was warming up when she arrived at Evan’s 46th birthday party. From the moment she stepped foot in that parking lot, fans could feel that Teresa had something up her sleeve. He began to spread the rumor by first taking him to Margaret Joseph’s house and asking her if she had heard of Evan. “making things“in the gym. Margaret’s face looked completely shocked, scared of what will happen once Jackie finds out.

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During an interview with PeoplePeopleTV Reality check, the 43-year-old admitted that she already knew about the rumor, but had no idea that Teresa was telling everyone at Evan’s party. “I didn’t even realize that she was telling everyoneJennifer explained.She had told me that she heard this a year ago from someone … And honestly, I said, ‘Who told you?’ And did not give any name or did not remember the name. “The mother of five then informed Teresa that it was best not to tell anyone about the alleged infidelity if she had no proof. Teresa, of course, did not listen.

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During the party, Teresa went to the companion RHONJ co-stars Melissa Gorga, Margaret Joseph, and Dolores Catania to share the rumor she allegedly heard from someone else. Teresa did not repeat the rumor to Jennifer. “As you can see in the first episode, Teresa tells a lot of the other girls this rumor, but she never told me at that party.“The reality star explained. Jennifer continued:”I didn’t find out until after the fact that everyone had heard this and I didn’t even find out how he did it until after the fact.. “Jackie also spoke to PeopleTV and told them that she never for a second thought Evan had cheated on her. They are not going to let an unfounded rumor damage their relationship.

Jennifer tried to warn Teresa about the ramifications of spreading rumors without evidence, but Teresa did not want to listen. She got mischievous and decided to stir the pot anyway. Teresa and Jackie have a history together, so the rumors could have been fueled by Teresa’s grudge from a long time ago. Fans will have to see how Fight between Teresa and Jackie develops as the season progresses.

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