Warning: spoilers for X-Force # 17 are ahead.

For him X Men, the island of Krakoa offers the promise of a better life for Marvel’s mutant population. By establishing an independent nation for mutant humanity, the X-Men have reached an unprecedented level of self-sovereignty and determination that previous generations could only imagine having. Free from the confines of human society, it is clear that Krakoa is seen as the perfect utopia where all mutant dreams can be realized.

On the surface, it’s easy to see Krakoa as the solution to all of the X-Men’s problems. With its isolation and lush green topography, it provides the perfect terrain for generations of mutants to grow up without experiencing the persecution of their ancestors. Resurrection capabilities on the island allow mutants to be reborn after death, breaking the cycle of death and loss that has devastated the X-Men in years past.

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Even so, recent X Men The stories have chronicled the impending collapse of Krakoa’s vision as a nation for mutants. Instead of being the sum of the wildest dreams of mutants, Krakoa is shifting into a nightmare landscape which reveals more about the daunting premise of the X-Men’s aspirations. Unbeknownst to them, Krakoa is fast becoming the X-Men’s worst nightmare due to forces fracturing him from the inside out.

The destruction of the Krakoan dream of the X-Men can be found in discrepancies related to the resurrection process of the fallen mutants. Inequalities in the resurrection protocol can sow disunity, which is the exact opposite of what Krakoa wants for its mutant inhabitants. While it is intended for all mutants, it appears that there are certain members of the Krakoa population who are exempt from the process, including clones, making it deeply unfair. Ultimately, Krakoa’s utopian aspects are transforming him into a vision of the X-Men’s worst nightmare, one in which mutant unification is impossible.

Krakoa’s nightmare lies in a mutant disunity.

Intending to unite all the mutants, Krakoa has not been totally successful on this front. The presence of so many different mutants with different beliefs has already been the source of many problems. But more worryingly, the source of much of this friction has actually been the resurrection process itself.

Despite being one of Krakoa’s main selling points, the resurrection is now beginning to look like a nightmarish process of life, death, and rebirth. X-Force # 17 started with Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) repeatedly dying in horrible ways before being resurrected in Krakoa (written by Benjamin Percy, art by Joshua Cassara, colors by Guru-eFX, letters by Joe Caramagna of VC, and design by Tom Muller) . While it certainly shows the miracles that can be done on the island, seeing the hero die so many different deaths raises a question about how life is valued, if at all, in Krakoa.

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Related to this, the resurrection has raised a number of existential questions for other mutants on the island that they are no closer to answering. One of Wolverine’s daughters, Gabby Kinney, has struggled with the reality that she would likely not be resurrected in the event of an early death. (New mutants # 14, written by Vita Ayala, art by Rod Reis, letters by Travis Lanham from VC, and design by Tom Muller). This is because it is a clone and so far the clones have not been resurrected on Krakoa. Still Gabby is a mutant, and according to Magik (Ilyana Rasputin), he has as much right to be resurrected as anyone else. So why aren’t clones given the same treatment?

Gabrielle Kinney and Wolfsbane talking about the resurrection in New Mutants # 14.

Similarly, in New mutants # 15, Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) received the agonizing news that her son, Tier, is not in the resurrection queue at all (written by Vita Ayala, art by Rod Reis, letters from VC’s Travis Lanham, and design by Tom Muller ). His words summarize this fracture that has caused the resurrection in its entirety: “Yes, we are stronger than ever, United, protected … we are no longer tools for the purposes of others, or victims desperately trying to survive. Finally we have this place of our own, this place … where our children can grow up without knowing the fear and pain of being hunted just for existing. My son deserves to be here. “

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The uneven way resurrection is used on Krakoa reveals cracks in the mutant unit’s dream. The traps felt by Gabby Kinney and Rahne Sinclair show that the mutants themselves are aware of this discrepancy between dream and reality. Most troubling about this is that the seeds of anguish and dissatisfaction planted by Krakoa’s resurrection protocols are on their way to lead Krakoan society toward its worst nightmare: disunity.

Besides the resurrection, there are other sources of disunity in Krakoa.

Shadow King with Cosmar, No-Girl, Anole, and Rain Boy in New Mutants # 15.

The resurrection is not the only cause of the fracture of Krakoan society. There are dark figures on the island itself who take advantage of its weaknesses. The old X-Men villain Shadow King has been lurking on the island recruiting some of the younger mutants the New Mutants have trained. Also in New mutants # 15, a journal entry for Shadow King revealed his intention to control Krakoa from the shadows, presumably through his influence on the younger mutants. With a character like Shadow King at work, the days of the mutant unit on Krakoa are numbered.

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The presence of a force like Shadow King on the island is a nightmare for Krakoan’s dream, because the future of the state depends on its younger inhabitants. If Shadow King continues to succeed in taking the most vulnerable and insecure under his wing, then Krakoa’s long-term stability will be compromised. By exploiting his feelings of alienation and insecurity, Shadow King has found the perfect way to take advantage of less-than-ideal circumstances for mutants on Krakoa.

Krakoa raises Wolverine

The constant implosion of Krakoan’s dream has ushered in a new wave of trouble for the X-Men. While it remains to be seen how aware the island’s leaders are of this deepening crisis, the urgency of the problem remains. Although it is intended to preserve the mutants, the resurrection has created a new kind of inequality on the island.

The nightmare facing the X-Men is the possibility that unity in the current conditions on Krakoa is impossible. Steps taken to nurture mutant life have exacerbated its challenges. Without a doubt, this is a difficult pill to swallow for an idealistic group like the X-Men. But if the X Men They are going to carry on with their Krakoan dream, they must first take off their pink glasses.

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