The Deathloop trailer for the latest Sony State of Play performance was packed with flair, including a hit from a song that dates back to the classics.

During Sony’s latest PlayStation State of Play presentation, Bethesda showed the latest trailer for Deathloop. In it, a foul-mouthed radio host named Ramblin ‘Frank dedicates a song to “handsome jerk trying to break our loop. “What follows is fantastic, James bond-sque theme about flashy and frenetic gameplay. the Deathloop the song in the trailer is a worm named “Already seen, “ interpreted by FJØRA.

The track fits perfectly with the style that Bethesda has been pushing with. Deathloop. It’s a throwback to the themes of the 1960s spy thriller: think of Shirley Bassey. “Gold finger“or from Adele”Skyfall, “which was itself a revival of that style. The interstitial art splatters within the trailer also affected this theme, and at one point it even appeared to be a direct reference to the Alfred Hitchcock poster. Vertigo. Previous trailers for Deathloop They’ve also shown off some of this evocative style, but this is one of the most cohesive yet.

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Following the reveal of the trailer, FJØRA tweeted a thank you to producer Sencit Music for being asked to perform the song. The company’s other credits include trailer songs from Toy story 4 Y Samurai shodown, as well as many others. “Already seen“fits particularly well in the new Deathloop trailer, so the company certainly seems to have hit the mark with this latest presentation.

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Explanation of the song and trailer for Deathloop’s “Deja Vu”

the Deathloop The trailer wasn’t just flash: viewers got a new look Deathloopthe gameplay, which seems to be drawn from games like Dishonor Y CONDEMN – not surprising, considering it’s made by Dishonor developer Arkane Studios. The player character alternates between teleporting across rooftops and shooting with big, noisy weapons, all in a first-person perspective.

Questions remain as to what is the main game cycle of Deathloop will be. Previously, it was explained that its FPS time-loop combat is focused on the player being forced to assassinate multiple targets before midnight or otherwise being sent back to the beginning of the loop. There is also a multiplayer component, in which another player is sent to work against the main character and protect those objectives. It is unknown at this time if that means Deathloop it’s multiplayer only or if it is possible to play alone.

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Deathloop It is scheduled to be released for PC and PlayStation 5 on May 21, 2021, and will then arrive on Xbox consoles.

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