Dispo is proving to be a popular iPhone app, but many are greeted with a black screen and an invitation message after download. This is why.

For the past few weeks, Dispo has been climbing iPhone application graphics, but since many users download and open the application for the first time, they are presented with a “look for an invite” message. While it could be explained more clearly in Dispo’s iOS app store listing, there is a very simple reason for the message.

Unlike Instagram, Dispo is a much simpler photo app. The general idea is for users to take a photo and then go back to what they were doing. The next day, the photo is posted on your Dispo profile as is. In other words, there is no option to edit a photo or upload one that has already been edited. In this sense, the application seeks to replicate the feeling of using a disposable camera and hence the Available Name.

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Like Clubhouse, Dispo is an invite-only app. Anyone who wants to see what Dispo has to offer will first need to be invited by someone already using the app. Dispo can be downloaded for free from the IOS App Store, and although users can go through the formalities of registering and creating an account with their Apple ID, and even choosing their username, they will then be greeted with a black screen along with a “please look for an invitation“Without an invitation, the user cannot do anything else in the application.

Clearer information is needed in the app store

Dispo App Ratings

While Dispo has been in the headlines, and not always for the best reasons, not everyone will automatically realize the app or that an invite is really needed before downloading and attempting to use it. In fact, there are already several reviews on the iOS App Store that point out that this exact situation has already happened. One of the reasons for this is the lack of clear information before downloading. For example, even though the App Store listing says “Invite your friends and give it a try!“It does not specifically mention that an invitation is required to use the app. Also, since the app page shows that this is currently the fifth most popular ‘Photos & Videos’ app on the App Store, you are more likely to find it at Random to download just to see what such a popular iPhone photo app has to offer.

Of course, how someone who has downloaded the app gets an invite is another matter entirely. One of the points of the invitation system is to control how many people have access to the application while it remains in beta state. Because of this, getting a Dispo invite will be much more difficult for many people, unless they know someone who is already using the iPhone photos app.

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