The trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie heist movie Army Of The Dead has left fans on Twitter conflicted about how they feel about the movie.

Fans are ready to forgive Zack Snyder for a lot of things, but is a shoddy zombie movie one of those things? Maybe that’s hard because Army of the dead just released a trailer and the Dave Bautista-starring zombie heist movie could very well jump-start a new cinematic genre and promises some incredible visual aesthetics.

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However, Snyder also has one of the most demanding fandoms and a group of mercenaries planning a casino heist during a zombie outbreak can be a bit annoying for his tastes. The trailer, however, promises some tense action and a great score. So far, Twitter is very divided on its position with Snyder’s upcoming zombie movie, and these are some of the reasons behind its dilemma.

10 Resident Evil meets a generic zombie movie?

It’s pretty hard to get excited about a zombie movie in 2021, given the amount of zombie content Hollywood has produced in the last decade. Unless it’s nervous like Fido or has a novelty-driven format like Shaun of the dead, a zombie exit could get lost in the crowd. But Army of the dead It has an intriguing premise and is directed by Snyder, which ups the ante a bit. However, some people on the internet still believe that the action movie first will not contribute anything significant to zombie cinema and will end up being an aimless medley of Demonic resident and from Snyder Dawn of the Dead.

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9 A great dad movie in the near future

When did action-packed, apocalypse-ridden near-future movies become dad genres? One Tweeter believes Army of the dead, once released, will fall into Mikael Håfström’s Off the wire category, which is exciting, engaging, and yet falls within the rather harsh genre of “trash dad movie.” One can see how people may be thinking this, as the movie balances the action with an interesting and supernatural element. But regardless of the noteworthy labels, the premise has incredible potential, even for a comfort watch.

8 Too much CGI

In hindsight, Hollywood has become too dependent on CGI. That’s perhaps axiomatic, as the industry is only churning out more and more superhero blockbusters and big-budget action capers every year, but the tedium of it all must be acknowledged. Army of the deadit also has an overabundance of CGI. But fans might be able to make peace with flying helicopters and exploding casinos if the content is worth it. This fan is also quite cynical about Snyder’s approach to zombies, which is understandable considering his Dawn of the Dead rebooting was not to everyone’s liking

7 More independent Snyder, please

Fans clearly want Snyder to leave the franchise films alone for a while and go back to his beginnings. Sucker Punch days. Franchises in Hollywood can be money-making machines, but they can often be exhausting, especially for the creatives behind the film. This fan notes that Snyder should perhaps explore more independent films and original stories. League of Justice to further diversify his filmography.

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In a way, this is the highest compliment and shows that fans really want to see more of Snyder’s original filmmaking and cinematic vision. However, rumors already suggest that there is a Army of the dead a prequel and animated series for the film in the works, so maybe Snyder isn’t leaving the franchises after all.

6 Is that Tig Nataro?

It’s very hard to fault any project starring comedian Tig Nataro, but a zombie prank by Zack Snyder in a combat vest dressing Tig Nataro is impossible to hate. Fans were obviously delighted when they saw Nataro in the trailer because a zombie heist movie is the last place people expect to see it. Notaro plays Marianne Peters, and her roles were reportedly inserted into the film through a combination of new takes and digital composition.

5 Dawn of the Dead Easter Eggs

Eagle-eyed fans have already started listing all the Dawn of the Dead Easter eggs they think they saw in the short Army of the Dead trailer. This remarkable sequence of zombie treasures is, of course, impossible to miss.

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The two movies may not be connected in any way, but Synder fans are definitely excited to find out if there are more visual or symbolic connections between the two movies. This fan, for example, thinks that both movies can be part of the same universe.

4 Real facts

The basic premise of the film is, of course, unstable. Why would anyone need money if the world is disintegrating into a chaos of the undead? The zombie epidemic in the film appears to be in full swing. Clearly, survival should be anyone’s top priority at this point, so looting a casino might seem a bit strange unless they have a really well-designed plot device.

3 Next stop: Kaiju?

The movie footage is hugely attractive to fans and many people have pointed out that the movie would be worth watching just for the sake of the incredibly curated viewing experience. This fan points out how well Snyder could direct a Kaiju production. Maybe a royal blue monster movie made along the lines of an apocalypse. These devastating images look like something out of a flawlessly shot Godzilla movie. Maybe Snyder would try his luck in a possible sequel to Godzilla vs Kong?

two Big Hollywood Vs Streaming Giant

Snyder loyalists want him to stay with Netflix since Warner Bros reportedly declined the idea of Army of the dead when Snyder released it years ago. Also, he’s releasing Snyder Cut on HBO Max, showing that he prefers streaming platforms right now as it offers more possibilities. Clearly, Netflix wants to maximize the possibilities of this franchise by exploring all possible horizons.

1 Not Signature Snyder?

Some fans have pointed out that the color palette and visual arrangements are notably more upbeat than Snyder’s superhero movies. Those choices are deliberate though, and Snyder obviously wanted this movie to look and sound different given the new premise. This movie is first and foremost a Snyder movie, and his first zombie project publishes his latest phenomenal zombie project. Dawn of the Dead, so the stakes are high in this case. That’s why a total of 180 in your visual style may be too big of a gamble.

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