Thanks to the rise of numerous social media platforms, virtually anyone can go viral. In fact, certain Internet celebrities have gained unimaginable attention through seemingly “anyone can do it” media.

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However, the phenomenon has not been overlooked by the comics industry, and there are certain characters and plots introduced in comics, movies, and television that completely revolve around the status and popularity of social media. It really could be only a matter of time before some of DC’s most popular characters join the action, and some characters, in particular, seem likely candidates for the job.

10 Red Robin: You would be very successful running any blog explaining and exploring the intricate workings of computing.

Tim Drake Red Robin DC Comics

The third Robin after Jason Todd’s death at the hands of The Joker, Tim Drake became one of Batman’s many cronies for his high intellect and genius technological abilities. He first caught Batman’s attention by hacking into The Penguin’s funds, putting Drake and his family in danger. While his parents went into witness protection, Bruce recognized Tim’s abilities and placed him under their protection.

Tim would be very successful running any blog or video channel where he would explain and explore the intricate workings of computer science and would probably be very helpful to anyone looking to consider a career in the field. Self-repair videos would be another thing you could excel at, or even make a series of “Let’s Play” games.

9 Orphan – Your blog would certainly help others better understand and communicate through American Sign Language.

Cassandra Cain, once known as Batgirl and currently known as Orphan, is the daughter of the assassins Lady Shiva and David Cain. From an early age, she was conditioned to be the world’s perfect assassin, destined to surpass even her mother. To ensure the “best” training possible, Cassandra largely isolated herself from human contact and speech. Although it became the weapon her coaches wanted, she remained mute and could not read or write.

While Cassandra was eventually able to hone her social skills, her ability to “read” the actions of others never waned, often giving her an advantage over her opponents by allowing her to predict their movements. She is also capable of lip reading effectively, so it is not too difficult for her to master American Sign Language as well.

8 Damian Wayne – It’s easy to imagine him reviewing, discussing, and rating any type of ancient weaponry he finds worthy (especially swords)

The son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, Damian is a highly trained assassin and martial artist. His stories often find him in conflict between his two upbringings, his fluctuating moral compass, and trying to find his identity in the world. Today, he acts as Batman’s last Robin and an occasional member of the Teen Titans.

Being the grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul, Damian has always had access to ancient weaponry, often preferring to use a sword in combat. He has exhibited a high degree of admiration for any kind of fine craftsmanship, so it’s easy to imagine him reviewing, discussing, and rating anything he finds worthy, even if it may seem like “rich kid trouble.”

7 Donna Troy: her blog would be dedicated to writing stories for every photo she takes

Possessing perhaps one of the most complicated and confusing origins in DC history, Donna Troy’s background has been reconfigured numerous times, but she has always remained a mirror copy of Wonder Woman. Recent stories have seen her as a member and leader of the Teen Titans and Titans, and she recently appeared as a controlled member of The Batman Who Laughs Secret Six.

As an Amazon, Donna naturally has extensive knowledge of combat and weaponry, but her interests extend far beyond the battlefield. Donna is often seen taking photos during her time with The Titans, interested in showing off her exploits. His blog would be dedicated to writing stories for each image, which may or may not include his Pegasus Discordia.

6 Beast Boy – It would be pretty easy for him to gain a following with a blog dedicated to a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle

The son of two scientists hell-bent on reviving extinct species, Beast Boy gained his powers when his parents conducted an untested science experiment to turn him into a West African green monkey, saving his life from a deadly disease. When he returned to being human, he was left with hair, skin, green eyes, and the ability to shapeshift into any animal he wanted.

Many of his incarnations have described him as a dedicated vegetarian, who doesn’t want to eat the animals that he could so easily transform, and vegans have become increasingly popular in the last decade, so it would be pretty easy for him to gain a following on line. . Also, it would be a lot of fun to see him morph into different animals as he got ready, and any guest appearances from the other Titans on his blog or channel would be more than welcome.

5 Zatanna: It’s easy to see her running a blog dedicated to explaining the mechanics of her abilities.

Zatanna DC Comics

Daughter of the powerful magician Zatara, Zatanna is the prodigal daughter, her abilities surpass those of her father and consolidate her as one of the most powerful magic users in DC. A theatrical artist by trade, Zatanna incorporates her magical talents into her performances, making it difficult to know what is “real.”

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In addition to her magical prowess, Zatanna is also a very skilled illusionist and a master of sleight of hand. It’s easy to see her running a blog dedicated to explaining the mechanics of her abilities, and she would likely be a viral sensation on YouTube or TikTok.

4 Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm) – It’s not hard to imagine him as a kind of online swimming instructor and guide


Black Manta’s son Kaldur’ahm was taken away by Mera and hidden ashore for her protection, where she revealed her heritage to her adoptive parents and left them various Xebel items for “when she was ready.” Armed with his now signature “Water Bearers”, Kaldur joined Aquaman & Mera in fighting his father, who had tried to manipulate and use him.

Although his parents kept him away from any form of water (as Manta could have found if he had made contact with her), Kaldur quickly adapts to swimming thanks to his physiology and Aquaman training. Given his lifelong connection to the human world, and how relatively young his character is, it’s not hard to imagine him as something of an online instructor and guide.

3 Starfire: There is no question that any blog posting about her experiences with food would be entertaining.

Typically a member of the Teen Titans, Starfire is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran who fled to Earth to escape slavery. In all its iterations, Starfire possesses superhuman strength, durability, flight, and can project ultraviolet explosions known as starbolts. While she is perfectly capable of being a serious and dedicated leader, she generally exhibits a happy and carefree demeanor.

All of his incarnations have shared a fascination and willingness to learn about human culture and traditions, often with hilarious results, such as believing that mustard is a pizza topping. There is no doubt that any blog posting about your experiences with food would be entertaining, as it would likely combine strange ingredients and come up with equally strange names for your creations and dishes.

two Nightwing: Your content would likely range from your diet to your exercises, and you would have a lot of exercise videos and guides.

Batman’s original Robin and his partner (other than Ghost-Maker), Dick Grayson has had an extensive career as a member of the Bat-Family, a teenage titan, and an agent of Spyral.

Often hailed as one of the Bat-Family’s best melee fighters, after Cassandra Cain and Batman himself, and the most talented acrobat, Nightwing’s abilities are the result of diligent training and hardened resolve. It’s that very training that would make any blog / YouTube channel I run successful.

1 Poison Ivy: You could use the blog as a hobby and come to see it as a means of educating humanity on how to help The Green.

Poison Ivy

Ivy’s main drive is to protect The Green, all plant life on Earth, and she has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to see her vision realized. This has often put her on a more villainous / anti-hero path, but there have always been hints of good nature at her core.

While it may seem unlikely at first given Ivy’s general hatred for humanity, managing a blog can be something Ivy draws on for her uses. Perhaps when he is able to rehabilitate himself, he could take the blog as a hobby and come to see it as a means of educating humanity on how to help The Green.

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