There are not many villains who prefer to be part of a team. Many of the villains of the DC Extended Universe have a very specific grudge against particular superheroes for whatever reasons. They don’t usually team up to do bad things, but they usually only do bad things in pursuit of their goals.

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While there are some villains who commit evil acts simply because they enjoy it, most of the villainous characters in the DCEU only had one very specific goal in mind. As a result, they work better on their own. A team would simply drag them down and divert them from their original plans. These villains are solo acts, and all the better for it.

10 General Zod is alone in the universe


After the destruction of Krypton, General Zod wasn’t sure what he had left to live on. As he told Superman, his entire genetic code was written specifically to protect Krypton. Without Krypton, and without Kryptonians, General Zod felt that he really had nothing left.

When he faced Superman, he was alone. As the last protector of Krypton, in his own mind, there was nothing he did not do. Superman realized this, which was part of the reason he had to stop him. However, this was also part of why General Zod is better off working alone than as a member of a team.

9 Lex Luthor has very unique goals

Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor Featured

Lex Luthor is really off the wall. Like General Zod, he’s more of a Superman-specific villain. However, Lex Luthor has problems with the entire Justice League. He is so determined in his determination to take down the entire group, especially Superman, that no one else is on his level.

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Plus, Lex Luthor had essentially dedicated his entire life to being a supervillain. Where other guys have day jobs, even criminals in Gotham, Lex Luthor is quite devoted to his villainous activities.

8 Deathstroke has a job to do

Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke in Justice League 2017

Like Deadpool in the MCU, Deathstroke is a comic book mercenary who kills people for a living. As such, it is best if you fight alone. Having someone else around him would only overwhelm him; As a villain, he would rather work alone than have co-workers or colleagues.

You need to murder people in your own way and in your own time. As a villain, it would probably be strange for him to team up with someone for the long haul.

7 Doomsday may not work well with others

a great monster creature

Doomsday isn’t really someone that people can see hanging out at a coffee shop on a regular basis or something. Being some kind of horrendous monster, it doesn’t really respond well to human constraints or concepts like teamwork or unity.

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Doomsday is more of a killing machine. He is also one of the only villains capable of defeating Superman, which means that he has to be a super powerful being separate from most of the others.

6 The Joker is playing a completely different ball game

Jared Leto's Joker in Justice League

In almost every appearance the Joker makes, he is absolutely beyond reason. He wants to destroy Batman and Gotham and generally has little more reason to do so than he does. wants to. Because of this, it is almost impossible to work with the Joker.

People only work for the Joker and even then it is usually not for very long. Because Joker is in a league of his own, it is obvious that it is better to work alone. Anyone who worked with him would probably end up dead in the end.

5 Deadshot has a priority above all others

Unfortunately for Deadshot, he ended up in prison, so he was unable to get out of prison to work with his daughter. Although at the end of Suicide squad if he spent more time with her, he would do almost anything to get out of jail again.

It was obvious that he would have killed Batman if given the slightest chance, and this is hard for anyone to reconcile. As a villain, Deadshot is better off flying solo; the rest of the Suicide Squad might even agree, except for Harley Quinn. However, he has a soft spot for bad guys.

4 Killer Croc prefers the comfort of the sewers

The dead crocodile

Even Batman knows that Killer Croc is better off alone. It isolates itself in the sewers simply because that is what it prefers. He’s not so much a man anymore but, as his name suggests, he prefers the crocodile climate.

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Water is one of his favorites and Gotham’s sewers are his home. It would be difficult for anyone else to bear this unless they found someone similar to him.

3 Ares is a God without equal

Other gods in the comics, like Thor in Marvel Comics, struggle to work with others. Because they are in a league of their own, they don’t really do well as part of a team. Ares is very similar in DC Comics.

Because he is the god of war, he really has no equal. He wants to do what he does best, and this is to destroy humans and force them to fight. As such, you can’t really work with others; there is no one I can work for with.

two Ocean Master thought his life was ready

an armored man underwater

When Orm was younger, it seemed to him that his entire life was perfectly designed for him. His mother, who went into exile and learned that he had an older half-brother entitled to the throne, was annoying to the Ocean Master, enough to become a supervillain only to prevent said brother from taking everything.

Arthur may not have wanted anything to do with Atlantis at first, but the more time he spent there, the more he wanted to fight Orm and the terrible things he was doing. Orm doesn’t have anyone on the same page as him, so it’s best to work alone.

1 Thaddeus Sivana learned early not to trust anyone

When Thaddeus Sivana was a child, he learned that the only people he should be able to trust in his life, his father and brother, could not be trusted in the slightest.

He grew up to be a lonely and isolated adult hell-bent on revenge. As a result, no one would be willing to work with him. You need to recruit sinful monsters just to fight Shazam, and you don’t even win that fight.

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