Given how big and expansive anime has gotten lately, it’s not surprising that big franchises named like Attack on Titan He capitalized on this with tons of cool official merchandise and linked products.

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Most of the time, this would result in high-quality figures or other related items. And then there are the weirdest collaborations. While some ad campaigns were weirder than what they promoted, some products simply stood out simply because they existed.

10 A Certain Scientific Index Promotional Stickers – Kick A Vending Machine

Stickers made to promote A certain scientific railgun T It might not sound like the most groundbreaking thing, but the way they were distributed was unique and wildly funny. Long story short, Railgun fans had to kick a vending machine, like Misaka Mikoto does, to get the decal.

To promote the latest Railgun season and new Index game, a special vending machine was placed on the Shinjuku subway promenade. The machine functioned as a game room, where the force of the player’s kick determined the prize. Most players would get one of 12 Index stickers, while stronger kicks could activate the machine’s hidden feature that drops multiple stickers at once.

9 Hanayo’s Official Organic Rice – $ 18.57 to $ 46.72

Hanayo Rice and Pot

In Love live! Fan favorite Hanayo Koizumi is known for her love of rice, especially rice balls. As a result, she has been depicted in a rice field or eating the staple food in countless promotional materials and fan art. That said, no one expected Hanayo to get his own limited edition rice, but that’s exactly what happened.

In 2015, the GG7 company took pre-orders for a special organic Koshihikari rice from the Hanayo brand. The rice came in three sets: a 500 ml bottle (¥ 1,980), a 1 kg bag (¥ 3,240), or three 500 ml bottles (¥ 4,980). All the rice games came with a rice paddle and some Hanayo merchandise. To top it off, there’s also a Hanayo-themed rice cooker that costs ¥ 30,000 (or $ 281.44).

8 Rebuild Of Evangelion Shave Impact Set – $ 18.57 to $ 28.14

Evangelion Schick shaving impact

Despite being one of the most depressing and disturbing mainstream anime ever made, Neon Genesis Evangelion It’s so ridiculously popular in Japan that it carries merchandise for just about anything, regardless of how that product or ad might go against its tone and themes. Grab the official Schick shaving set that pairs with the Reconstruction of Evangelion films.

The comfort of the razor was not only dubbed “The Shock of Shaving”, it was promoted by an excited Gendou Ikari, a cool man best known for his manipulative tendencies. The thing that The Shave Impact sells the most is how elaborate it is, it comes with minifigures, motion detection locks, and an animated commercial that can only be called a Hideaki Anni approved parody. The add-ons determined the price of each game, which can be found on Amazon Japan.

7 Attack On Titan Hair Removal Products – $ 12.95 to $ 15.76

Attack on hair removal kits

Attack on Titan is known for many things, and involuntary silly humor is not one of those. Case in point, Attack on Titan-themed hair removal products. As part of Three Piece Co.’s “Hair Removal Attack” product line, these grooming kits were exactly as advertised. However, what caught the eye were the images of the boxes.

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The body wax kit was pretty straightforward, with Survey Corps doing their usual rude poses. Meanwhile, the nose hair kit came with a terrifying close-up of the Mini Titan. A later version replaced it with the Beast Titan. The body waxing kit costs ¥ 1,380, while the nasal hair kit costs ¥ 1,680. Each kit came with a random badge with a certain character.

6 Charlotte and Kyubey Pet Costumes – $ 47.28

Madoka dog costumes

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of those deceptively cute anime that hides both death and existential horrors behind its colorful facade. Still, that didn’t stop successful deconstruction studios from capitalizing on the demand for cheesy magical girl products, leading to Charlotte and Kyubey-inspired mascot costumes.

Monster and villain-based merchandising is nothing new, though it sells cute versions of two monsters behind some of the By Madoka The darkest moments are strange, to say the least. These aren’t even mascot-sized shirts; They are miniature versions of the giant Charlotte, while Kyubey is probably to scale. Each game costs ¥ 5,040, and both are spooky for those in the know.

5 Limited Edition Tokiomi Tohsaka Tapestry – $ 7,035.98

Destiny Charity Auction

One of the highlights of the biannual Machi Asobi anime convention is a charity auction (above left), where participants can win exclusive items and merchandise from Studio ufotable and Type-Moon. During Machi Asobi 2015, the crews behind Destination stay night limited tapestries of popular characters were up for sale, and Tokiomi Tohsaka’s one sold for a whopping ¥ 750,000.

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Aside from being the only one of its kind, this tapestry is nothing short of spectacular. What makes the sale fascinating is that Tokiomi is not exactly the Destination Anyone character would hope to inspire such a huge auction and that the bidding war only ended after the two finalists played rock-paper-scissors. That said, this is still tame compared to the next Destination article here.

4 One 23-foot long NSFW Miia pillowcase – $ 938.13

Miia Snake body pillow

For those who always wanted to hug an anime character or a humanoid snake, the team behind Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls has you covered. At Comiket 2015, the team sold limited-edition Miia pillowcases that were not only over 23 feet long, but anatomically accurate. Despite selling for nearly 100,000 yen each, the covers sold out within an hour.

It should be noted that the Miia pillowcase is just that; It does not come with any filling, and it was the owner’s responsibility to fill it with their own pillows or similar material. In order for the whole pillow to fit the bed, it is recommended that the owner wrap himself in Miia’s snake body. The price of the sleeve was justified by the high cost of materials, printing and quality control.

3 A Mini AR Hatsune Miku Live Concert – Free with every box of Domino’s Pizza ordered through the app

Dominos Pizza Hatsune Miku

Without exaggeration, Hatsune Miku is extremely popular in Japan and can be found everywhere, including Domino’s Pizza. Miku promoting Domino’s isn’t too surprising, but what the collaboration was was. Using the “Domino’s App Feat. Hatsune Miku” app, anyone who ordered a pizza received a special pizza box that came with an Augmented Reality (AR) Miku concert that they can view with the app. Said pizza was delivered on a Domino’s Japan Pizza moped adorned with Miku’s stickers.

The collaboration gave the internet one of the most inadvertently hilarious commercials ever made, where then-Domino’s Japan CEO Scott Oelkers awkwardly promoted the app. However, the campaign worked and Domino’s Japan was flooded by a massive demand for Miku pizza boxes. Ironic appreciation aside, it’s the most successful Domino’s Japan has ever done.

two A NSFW film strip of a Fate / Stay Night movie – $ 2,784.37

Fate Stay Night film strip

Souvenirs from movie sets or productions that raise a lot of money are nothing new, but they are one of the most famous of those to emerge. Fate / Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost butterfly simply shows, for lack of better words, how tremendously passionate Destination fanbase can be.

After the sequel hit its fifth week and broke records, theaters began rolling out strips of Heaven’s Feel II’s real film reels as a souvenir. The strips were chosen at random, and a boy took a close-up of Sakura from the scene where she and Shirou were sleeping together. Later, the owner put the strip on Yahoo! Auctions, where it sold for a whopping ¥ 296,800. Compare this to Shinji’s strip from the same movie that sold for a measly ¥ 587 (only $ 5.51).

1 A Char Aznable Adult Toy – $ 65.63

Char Aznable Adult Toy

Anime is for people of all ages, and this might be the only reason there are “personal massagers” with the names and aesthetics of famous anime characters. For example, an item of personal pleasure sold under the name of the original. Mobile Suit Gundam.

The Char Aznable Aznaburuburu, which is based on Char’s trademark red Zaku and has his face masked on the box, costs around ¥ 7,000. It is not said whether it is three times as powerful or not, although the “testimonies” of From Gundam thrown into the back of the box he seems … satisfied.

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