In 1979, director Ridley Scott brought Alien to the big screen. It was a terrifying movie that oozed creativity, gave people nightmares, and reminded viewers that “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Five years later, James Cameron created The terminator, an action-packed movie that featured time travel, killing machines, and catchphrases that are still in use today. When people leave a room, they still say, “I’ll be back.” It’s fair to say that both films changed the perception of science fiction and still inspire filmmakers of the genre today.

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Alien it was a financial success but was opened to mixed reviews. The film would eventually win over critics due to its haunting premise and also won an Academy Award for Visual Effects. The terminator It received critical acclaim and was considered a success, thanks to its fall release and not having to deal with the summer and holiday blockbusters. Both films garnered an even greater following with their home release, and both Alien Y The terminator were included in AFI’s 100 years … 100 emotions Y 100 years … 100 heroes and villains liza. The success of both films and their sequels has naturally sparked debate over which franchise is the best.

10 Alien: newer movies are better

Prometheus and Alien Covenant posters

The first two entries in each franchise are considered four of the best science fiction movies ever made. Alien Y Aliens are an amazing mix of horror and science fiction, while The terminator Y T2: Judgment Day they are two of the best science fiction action movies of all time. It’s safe to say that the other films in both franchises haven’t come close to repeating their hits. The Terminator franchise had mild success with Salvation Y Dark destiny but it went wrong with T3: Rise of the Machines Y Genisys.

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Alien 3 Y Alien resurrection were big failures, but the most recent Prometheus Y Alien: Covenant they are visually stunning and serve as an origin story for the original Alien. Prometheus It was thought to have been a separate entrance, but it was revealed to be part of the Alien universe and led to Covenant. Both franchises may not be able to replicate the originals, but the newer Alien the movies have been more interesting.

9 Terminator: great action and a lot of heart

Terminator 2 Thumbs Up and John Connor

The terminator It was packed with violence and action, but it also served as a love story between Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. Kyle tells Sarah that he found time for her, which may be the most loving gesture a movie character has ever made. T2 He took the excitement to a whole different level by having John bond with the T-800 and serve as a father figure to the future leader of the Resistance.

In The terminator, the T-800 killed the man Sarah loved, but would return as a different model in T2 and earn their respect. Each film in the franchise includes an eternal love affair or bond of friendship. The balancing act between action and heart makes the Terminator franchise one of the most unique. Who doesn’t cry when the T-800 sacrifices itself and raises its thumb at the end of T2?

8 Alien – Scariest Premise and Villains

Alien Xenomorph and Facehugger

The Alien movies may not have the heart of the Terminator, but they weren’t made to be. Alien featured the scariest creature in movie history … the face hugger. After the hugger jumps out of an egg and latches onto John Hurt’s Kane, people fall out of their seats. In the scene from the most famous horror movie of all time, the alien Xenomorph crawls out of Kane’s chest and runs madly across the ship. It was later revealed that the science officer, Ash, is a robot and was tasked with bringing the alien back to Earth.

Aliens it would introduce the Xenomorph queen, who would give birth to many eggs and wreak more havoc than the first alien. T2 had the greatest CGI character of all time on the T-1000, but the combination of face huggers, Xenomorphs, and evil robots give Alien the edge in the villain department.

7 The Terminator – Linda Hamilton as a damsel in distress and a tough heroine

Sarah Connor Terminator 1 and 2

Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor started out as an innocent victim in The terminator. Kyle explains that it is vital that she stay alive so that her son can be born and lead the future fight against machines. Kyle dies, but Sarah defeats the evil T-800 and eventually gives birth to John. Fast forward to T2 and Sarah has a mental breakdown because she knows the world will be destroyed. She is finally saved by the nice T-800 and reunites with John.

John explains that after he was born, his mother dated military-type men so she could teach John to be a soldier. Linda Hamilton’s performances showed her range of acting and commitment to the role. His transformation from a scared damsel in distress to a badass soldier could be the biggest part of the franchise.

6 Alien: space offers unique worlds

alien lv423 planet and ship

Movies about space are often interesting because nobody knows what is really out there. Alien It took us to another galaxy and began as a story of exploration. Most people will never leave Earth, so movies are the only way to imagine what else is out there. The fictional LV-426 is the moon Dallas, where Ripley and the rest of the Nostromo crew land to investigate a mysterious signal in Alien and again in Aliens.

LV-223 is the moon the Prometheus crew lands on to find the human engineers. Both places are dark, scary, and have spaceships filled with alien DNA and eggs. If these lunar planets were real and people investigated them, they would probably scream in fear … unfortunately, no one would listen to them.

5 Terminator: remained in his own universe (no movies versus)

Terminator T-800 pistols

The alien movies would spin after the outrageous Alien Resurrection, but it wasn’t a good turn. Instead of focusing on explanations of their own universe, they would join the Predator franchise and make two forgettable movies. Alien vs. Predator Y AvP: Requiem they were clearly a cash grab for the study.

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In Predator 2, a Xenomorph skull is displayed in a Predator trophy case. Rather than simply remain an easter egg, the studio forced a versus movie for financial gain. While the Terminator has taken a few wrong turns, they have stayed on course and failed to push a useless crossover down the throat of fans.

4 Alien – Sigourney Weaver as the original tough heroine

Sigourney Weaver Ripley Alien

Ellen Ripley of Sigourney Weaver proved that anything men can do, women can do too. In Alien, Ripley starts out as a third officer on the Nostromo, but after the entire crew is decimated by the Xenomorph, only she and Jones the cat survive. She takes the alien out of the ship’s escape and returns to hypersleep. In Aliens, joins the colonial marines, saves Newt and leads them to defeat an army of xenomorphs. In one of the best action movie scenes, Ripley uses a construction pay loader and comes face to face with “mom” Alien.

3 The Terminator – Chilling Theme Song

Terminator Music Brad Fiedel

Is there a more iconic theme song than Terminator? Of course, it’s all opinion, but Brad Fiedel’s sheet music is still in use today and even though it has been updated, the original core of the song is still there. While the song debuted in the 1984s The terminator, the epic grew up in the sequel. The opening credits and excitement of the last scene in T2 intensify when the music plays. Fiedel said in the DVD commentary that the recurring metallic sound in the main title was created by hitting a cast iron skillet with a hammer.

two Alien – Constant Continuity

Alien Prometheus Engineer Pilot Alien

Time travel adds a lot of interesting settings, but it’s also difficult to maintain continuity. Something worked fine, but it also added so many different timelines in the Terminator world. While the Alien movies aren’t perfect, the prequels did lead perfectly to the events of Alien. Prometheus showed how one of the aliens was created and Covenant expanded in other versions of Xenomorphs.

Terminator Genisys it really screwed up everything by going back to the original and changing what happened. Some movies can do this effectively, but when movies recreate beloved scenes and alter what happens, the importance of the original diminishes.

1 Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger as villain and hero

Arnold Terminator 1 and 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 should be on Mount Rushmore from movie villains and Mount Rushmore from movie heroes. His physical presence and robotic voice made him so believable that no one has come close to replicating his performances and he has been asked to return for every Terminator movie (it was CGI in Terminator Salvation due to being the Governor of California).

Even with the disappointing Terminator movies, Arnold is always entertaining and performs at a high level. He trained with weapons experts for months to prepare for The terminator Y T2 and he was praised by military personnel for his handling of weapons.

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