Clothes make the superman. Even if they didn’t actually give a superhero their powers, they would be a lot less iconic without them. They are also useful for hiding your identity. DC Legion of Superheroes, known as a comic book and cartoon, is filled with various superheroes, including a young Superman, meaning that fans can see many different costumes.

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Of course, as with most superheroes in comics, their costumes have often changed over the years, although there is usually something consistent, such as an iconic color or theme. On top of that, the cartoon adaptation of the series also sometimes substituted traditional character designs for something entirely different. Bouncing boyFor example, he ditched his iconic blue and white vest and black pants for jumpsuit and glasses in the cartoon. He also went from looking like a stocky Clark Kent to having grayish-purple skin.

10 Dawnstar is an angelic beauty (who should stick to yellow)

Although Dawnstar is from another planet, he is actually of Native American descent and the influence of Native Americans can be seen in his costume. She mostly wears a yellow blouse that resembles a bodice with sleeves, paired with matching boots, all adorned with a fringe, similar to traditional buckskin. She also has a pair of angelic wings and her forehead is marked with a star.

Dawnstar’s role in the cartoon was reduced to a glorified cameo, but he did eventually appear in spinoff comics, albeit in the penultimate issue. Her costume is recolored brown, and the fringe is replaced with fin-shaped ruffles, which, combined with a paler complexion, almost make her look like an anthropomorphic sphinx. Her star is now also attached to her costume, forming part of a headband.

9 Ghost girl looks like Raven’s little sister

Cover of Secret Origins 36 with Phantom Girl and Super Boy

Phantom Girl normally wears a white cape and a white ensemble. Some later versions of the character shed the cape and his costume changes from mostly white to having black accents. In her first appearance, she was mostly white, giving her the appearance of a ghost.

The cartoon keeps the cape and accents black, and adds two white hair ornaments. To some fans, it might seem like a Raven knockoff from Teen Titans, without the hood, but actually predates the character by nearly two decades.

8 Called from the 90s, they want Kell-El back

The Superman clone, eventually dubbed Superman X, has a costume inspired by his predecessor with a few changes: he ditches the cape, has a red collar, swaps out the bright blue for a darker shade, and overall looks more metallic.

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On one hand, it’s nice to see him wanting to change out of the traditional costume, but he usually looks like a 90s antihero, especially with that long hair. That said, it looks like he would get along splendidly with Batman.

7 Cosmic Boy needs to stick with purple (and burn the corset)

Cosmic boy

In the cartoon, Cosmic Boy’s costume was primarily a black and purple suit. Considering the primary colors the other guys on the team wear, it actually creates a nice contrast and looks subtle in comparison. Add his sideburns and it looks like he’s going for a sixties aesthetic.

That said, in the comics, his costume tends to be all over the place. At one point, she walked around in what practically looked like a corset. and sometimes her usual outfit is an unflattering bright pink.

6 Lightning Lad needs to pick a look (and should have put the gloves away)

lightning lad

Even the cartoon couldn’t keep him in the same costume. Some constants are a black and purple top, lightning badges on her arms that reach down to her chest, and a white interior on her pants.

At first, her costume appeared mostly black, with purple accents that were likely added to create a lighting effect. However, his later costume actually appeared to be purple. Added to that, his first costume was less tousled than the second, with him even wearing white gloves.

5 Saturn at least has nice earrings

Saturn girl

The Saturn Girl costume is a modest, mostly pink and white outfit, complete with boots, gloves, and a long, swan-like neck. Some versions of the costume replace the pink with red and occasionally give it a skirt or cape.

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The cartoon also popularized his famous wearing of pink earrings based on the planet Saturn, complete with a ring. It’s a simple touch but makes a memorable statement.

4 Tripled girl would have killed in the mod squad

Triplicate Girl has the power to split into three people, and it can be a bit confusing if they are treated as one person or sisters sharing a body. In some comics, his costume is probably the most varied of all the characters. Sometimes it looks identical when separated. At most, they can wear different colored costumes. Sometimes they will get creative and one will use the two colors that the other two use.

The cartoon decided to get creative and give them outfits and hair of different colors, something akin to the mod style of the 60s, complete with long boots and gloves. The cartoon also opted for a unique color scheme: vibrant orange, feminine purple, and unearthly white. Each color scheme works well on its own and fits the style when all three colors are combined.

3 Dream Girl is a silver butterfly that only needs a pair of pants

Dream girl

Dream Girl’s costume is normally a white piece that is paired with her blonde hair, although the color scheme changes from time to time and she does wear a cape at times. The cartoon was in a more flattering color scheme, making his suit silver and his hair completely white.

Her silver aesthetic was also played up for her to have silver lipstick and makeup. While her comic book counterparts sometimes showed cleavage, her cartoon costume is more modest and even adds a butterfly badge.

two Karate Kid is a style icon (but should have kept the boots and collar)

Karate kid

Not to be confused with Ralph Macchio, the Karate Kid costume in the comics is essentially an ill-fitting Japanese gi, paired with long black pants, white boots, and a large gold collar.

The cartoon discards this in favor of a more modest black and white suit that appears to be influenced by various Asian folk costumes, such as a Chinese tangzhuang jacket and a Mongolian deel. He also added some black armbands and replaced the boots with open-toed sandals, which his opponents look good when he kicks them in the face.

1 Star Boy don’t need those star decorations

Star Boy

Developed with the ability to control gravity, Star Boy’s costume is typically black and white, though the comics never seem to decide what the dominant color should be, though gold accents have been known to come and go. A variation is a mostly black suit with white hands and gloves.

The cartoon usually pointed to a mostly white costume with black decorations, usually creating the image of a star on his chest. Sometimes a bit of gold appears, like a ring and belt, probably as a reference to his alternate costume. Sometimes he also puts on a cape. In the comics, the black part of his costume is sometimes decorated with stars, but this is usually dropped in animation.

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