From Netflix Derry girls has become a fan favorite for anyone in the mood for a quirky, hilarious, and totally unique comedy series. While the girls (and cousin James) on this show generally steal the spotlight, there are other characters who smile too.

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Of course, for a comedy show, everyone has their redeemed and fun moments, but some of them have to be more fun than the rest. When compared to each other, fans agree that certain cast members are the ones who provide the most laughs throughout the entire series.

10 Mary

Mary, Erin's mother in Derry Girls

The mother of this series is definitely known for being a bit tough, and most of her comedic moments come from her not even trying to be funny. Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh at their discipline or stubborn opinions.

Of course, while she is worthy of a laugh, Mary is probably the least funny character in this series. That’s not her main purpose on the show, and fans forgive her for it.

9 Jose

Ian McElhinney as Grandpa Joe in Derry Girls

Most of Joe’s humor comes from his hatred for Gerry. She is always making fun of him and loves to repeat everything he says and takes credit for the girls.

Joe is a great grandfather and is wholesome and pure to look at with Orla and Erin. However, his humor basically lies in being rude to Gerry, and only once in a while.

8 Gerry

Erin's father, Gerry, played by Tommy Tiernan, in Derry Girls

Gerry is worthy of a lot of love and a lot of pity. He’s actually quite relatable, and all of his funny moments are based on the rest of his family ignoring him or doing something ridiculous that he knows they shouldn’t do.

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This character has a pure soul, and from time to time, he also has a great sarcastic line to add to the mix. This dad definitely makes fans laugh.

7 Sarah

Aunt Sarah in Derry Girls

Sarah is one of the characters who probably tries the least to be funny, but it’s very, very hard not to laugh at her pure and innocent nature. She’s not the smartest, and although fans aren’t exactly laughing to her, they’re laughing with her.

All fans should seek to be as happy and free-spirited as Sarah, even if it means that many viewers might laugh at her sweet spending. It’s usually in Sarah’s world and it seems like a fun place.

6 James

Cousin James sitting next to Erin on the couch in Derry Girls

This character is without a doubt the sweetest in the series, and he might actually be the most likeable. There is nothing to hate about James. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most fun.

Again, most of the laughs with James may be at his expense, but he also has some pretty funny moments where he refuses to follow the girls or just doesn’t understand what’s going on.

5 Clare

The 4 young main characters of Derry Girls

Clare may be small, but she’s probably the most fiery and explosive character of all. She loves her friends, but she is certainly also a good woman with a lot of anxiety and stress whenever they embark on their strange adventures.

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Clare won’t even be wearing a jean jacket and ‘will be a person of her own’, but these moments are actually some of the funniest. Clare’s blunt nature and eager interjections make for some witty catchphrases that are hard not to laugh at.

4 Sister Michael

Sister Michael reading a magazine in Derry Girls

If there is one character who is totally stoic but also equally sarcastic, it is Sister Michael. Her voice or facial expressions hardly change, but she is usually the first to make a secondary comment at someone else’s expense.

His whole nature is quite hysterical, although he certainly doesn’t try to be. Sister Michael is a great supporting character for some extra laughs and a whole new kind of subplots and misadventures.

3 Ireland

Derry Girls Erin

Erin is one of those main characters that fans are definitely hesitant to hate or love. However, at the end of the day, Erin just wants to fit in, have fun, and try new things. Again, much of the humor around her is directed at the ridiculous things she does.

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However, Erin is the center of some pretty funny moments. From flirting with guys to dancing on stage with Orla, Erin is full of surprises and a lot of embarrassment, and many of them are quite hilarious.

two Edge

Orla and Clare in a van in Derry Girls

Orla looks a lot like her mother Sarah, and while she’s not exactly trying to be funny, she just deserves so many pure laughs. From sticking her head out of a truck window with a lollipop to doing aerobics on stage, Orla is as pure, sweet and adorable as she looks.

She only says things that everyone is thinking or that no one is thinking, and they are just as funny. Fans laugh with her and with her, and Orla is probably fine with both.

1 Michelle

Michelle sitting at a table in Derry Girls

Michelle can simultaneously have the greatest attitude Y be the funniest character in the series. In fact, her attitude is probably what makes it so difficult not to love Michelle.

She says whatever she’s thinking, and most of the time, it’s a hilarious comment about whatever silly or weird thing one of the other characters is doing. Michelle is bold and fiery, and her sarcastic wit definitely makes her the funniest character.

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