There are many different types of food for players to get their hands on throughout Valheim. This guide shows players how to go fishing.

In most survival games, players will need to keep track of their hunger level, but in Valheim instead, the player needs food for another purpose. Food will greatly increase a player’s health and stamina, but they only need to eat one piece of three different types of food at a time. This means that it is incredibly important for players to get their hands on as many different types of high-quality food as they can.

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One food that is hard to come by but can be extremely useful is fish. Players cannot craft a fishing pole at the beginning of the game, so it is unclear how to acquire this type of food. Players must first hold a fishing rod in their hands, but even then the game does not explain exactly how to fish. This guide shows players how to acquire fish.

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Valheim – How to acquire fish

Valheim Fishing

The first step to go fishing in Valheim is for players to get a fishing pole. Unlike other tools and items in the game, this cannot actually be crafted at this time. Instead, players will have to explore one of the many different biomes in the Black Forest until they come across the merchant. They can then buy you a fishing pole and bait that can be used for fishing.

From here, the player must travel to any nearby body of water, preferably the ocean or a river. Once here, the player will want to look around in the water until they see fish swimming close to the surface. They can then equip their fishing pole and right click on the bait to prepare it. They can then hold down the left mouse button to charge their throw and release it when they want to throw their line. The longer the player holds the button, the further they will launch their line.

The next part really isn’t that far from actual fishing. The player will want to be patient while waiting for a fish to hit their hook. If the water is clear enough, the player should be able to see nearby fish circling the hook, and if not, they will at least see bubbles that indicate fish are nearby. Eventually a fish will grab the bait, pull the cork underwater, which means the player has to press and hold the right mouse button.

If this worked, the player will receive an on-screen notification that they have caught the fish. By holding down the right mouse button from here, the fish will roll up, and once they get close enough, the player will be able to pick up the fish from the line. However, be sure to pick up the fish before the stamina runs out or the fish will run away.

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Valheim can be played on PC.

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