In King in Black, Wakanda’s greatest oversoul is remarkably similar to Black Panther Zord from Power Rangers Ninja Stars.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for King in Black: Black Panther # 1 by Geoffrey Thorne, German Peralta, Jesus Aburtov and Joe Sabino from VC, out now.

Knull’s world invasion was destined to reach the most advanced country on Earth sooner or later. And when the symbiote army began to invade Wakanda’s borders, T’Challa authorized the use of Wakanda’s greatest oversoul just to buy time.

But the revelation of this Hand of Bast, the King in Black: Black Panther It bears many similarities to the types of Zords used in the Power Rangers franchise.

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Bast’s Hand is a gigantic panther built from energy and piloted by a single individual. In this case, he was in charge of Okoye under the orders of his king. He used it to wield one of Knull’s symbiote dragons and to distract and stop the main source of infection. This weapon was designed to kill the Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity capable of laying waste to Earth if its true power is ever unleashed. However, his battle with the dragon was something straight out of any classic Power Rangers show or comic.

It was several stories tall and easily matched the enormous dragon in size and ferocity. Despite his stature, he was just a distraction. Like many of the Rangers’ Zords, Bast’s Hand has a design that is apparently based on the appearance of an animal. Unlike MegaZords, Bast’s Hand is the only one of its kind and is the ultimate weapon for the people of Wakanda. It does not become a part of a larger whole like the Megazord.

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Power Rangers Megazord header

There are some other pretty major differences as well, most of them mechanical, but at least one of them is for cosmetic purposes. Bast’s Hand is a construction of pure energy. Whoever controls Bast’s Hand must wear a diadem to psychically bind to the weapon. In addition, they must operate and move similar to a panther, to better maneuver the Hand.

Most Zords are constructed entirely of metal and rely on their Rangers to sit within command centers to control robot beasts. This limits your own personal maneuverability in favor of having a giant robot busting machine. And of course there is another big difference. The Zords are used practically every week by the Rangers as an essential part of how they deal with new threats. But Hand of Bast is an absolute weapon of last resort. Okoye was hesitant to unleash the weapon, despite being ordered by T’Challa to do so, because its mere existence presents a challenge to the rest of the world.

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