The trip-hop duo, Massive Attack, helped pioneer the UK collaborative music scene in the 1990s, working with artists such as Banksy, Damon Albarn and Tricky. Their extraordinary production, haunting instrumentals, and poetic lyrics have helped make Massive Attack one of the most notorious social activist music groups of all time, still releasing music to this day to educate and provoke thought.

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Daddy G and Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja often involve different sounds, producers and voices in their music to better invoke their various messages and tones, one of the methods of capturing listeners’ attention is their highly artistic filmography. His music videos add so much meaning and style to songs that it makes people watch them again to capture or relive the cinematic experiences they offer.

10 Ritual Spirit – 8 million views

Mesmerizing is the word for this video. Starring Kate Moss, the model is shown spinning around a lightbulb in the dark, editing to the beat of the music. Patterns, overlays, and double exposures result in trance images, as Moss also lights up from all angles.

As the song progresses, the light flashes in different colors. The meditative rhythm of the video and the mesmerizing images create an experience in which one feels that some real “ritual” is taking place.

9 Risingson – 12 million views

Del Naja and Daddy G sing and sing in this haunting single that evokes a sense of unease and unease. The couple and a group of bandmates are shown in a jam session in a dark green room. The atmosphere is strange in that it is edited in slow motion, which contributes to the decrepit muddiness of the tone.

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People try to get in, electrical outlets sizzle and burn, and walls explode. There is a sense of suspense at all times.

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8 Karmacoma – 13 million views

With a trance-like rhythm, the video itself feels like a fever dream. Various cinematographic references of Pulp Fiction, Barton Fink, Y The glow they are parodied as their characters go wild, their worlds and personalities collide.

The duo sing as the characters find each other, hosting different rooms or exploring. The glow-esque floor of the hotel. It’s a lighter video that raises questions about why the setting and characters are, some suggesting it could be some kind of purgatory based on the combination of pop culture, nostalgia, and memories.

7 Protection: 15 million visits

The video directed by the legendary Michel Gondry takes place in a changing landscape of a city, looking at the profiles of apartment residents as they fearlessly live their lives despite certain dangers they must avoid. Dad G, grocery store in hand, and a girl wait in an elevator with a pleasant conversation, although the elevator is cut in half and could easily cause a nasty fall down the well.

Tracy Thorn hastily searches for her keys, while a woman nervously checks her many locks. Del Naja appears to be fixing his computer, and various other interactions continue as settings change and blend together in impossible ways. The song describes offering support and “protection.”

6 Live With Me – 16.2 million views

A coughing bell ringer announces, “We will have a lot of fun,” as a dramatic orchestra advances. This video is the heartbreaking story of a woman who has a serious problem with alcohol.

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After drinking heavily, the woman leaves her house, lies down on a park bench and gazes at the stars as the video cuts and shows her falling incessantly. The display is a reminder of how serious and dangerous the problem of alcoholism is and is a test of viewer sympathy.

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5 The Spoils with Hope Sandoval – 16.8 million views

Starring Cate Blanchett on a black background, this brooding single was sung by Mazzy star’s Esperanza Sandoval and describes the feeling of anguish and emptiness.

Blanchett’s image is continually deconstructed in multiple fashions, be it stripping her of her skin, showing a concrete cast of her head, and other images that involve the emotions and layers of a person behind her face.

4 Voodoo in My Blood – 20 million views

Inspired largely by the graphic scene of the subway from the horror movie. Possession 1981, Rosemund Pike wanders through an empty parking hall and comes across a strange sci-fi orb hovering around. She laughs at that as it hypnotizes her and seems to take over her mind.

He pierces her eye with a tiny needle and proceeds to force her to throw herself against the wall and wriggle painfully and dance to exhaustion. This video is much scarier than most Black mirror episodes as it raises questions about manipulation, technology, and mind control.

3 Angel – 39 million views

Daddy G stars in a mysterious narrative in which he walks through a parking lot himself. He has the feeling that he is being followed and looks back to see that several people are following him. The longer this lasts, the more scared he becomes, trying to flee as more people appear and run after him. His intentions are not clear.

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In the end, Daddy G stands up and looks at them. As you go, they do too. Realizing that all you need to do to stop the following is chase after them. It seems like he joins them in the end.

two Unfinished condolence – 59 million views

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Shara Nelson produces powerful vocals for this immersive track as she walks down a city sidewalk, passing or being followed by some city residents. the Massive Attack The duo also make cameos within the video, details like those that are scattered about as different walks of life move in and out of frame.

It is an effective piece about the needs, differences and equality of people.

1 Teardrop – 76 million views

This animated music video has intrigued, confused, and even scared many viewers. A stop motion fetus in a womb sings along with the song, the track of which was inspired by a real-life loss. The tone and mood of the song can be described as transcendence, as (in Elizabeth Fraser’s voice) it describes the expression of being alive, self-reflection and the action of loving.

Towards the end of the video, the bright lights cause the fetus to be confused and protect its eyes, implying that it is imposing external forces to be experienced and protected. It is not known what happens to the fetus.

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