People Can Fly have released a demo for their upcoming looter shooter Outriders, so how does the game fare compared to other popular titles in the genre?

People can fly Outriders is the eagerly awaited third-person cooperative shooter from the renowned studio behind Bulletstorm Y Gears of war. Marketed as a game that combines elements of RPG story with a looter shooter, Outriders has the difficult task of replacing titles like Fate, Warframe Y The division for the top spot in the cooperative looter shooting genre.

While the game’s release date was pushed back to April, perhaps due to development difficulties during the pandemic, People Can Fly released a free demo of the game on February 25.

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The demo is the opening segment of the game, providing players with context and a backstory on who they are, where they are, and why they are fighting. The approach to the story that People Can Fly has promised is certainly remarkable here, with intense cut scenes and multiple dialogue options. With this approach to the story, there is perhaps more downtime and loading screens in this first part of Outriders than traditional looter shooter players could hope for. However, it is possible that this is only a feature during the main narrative segments of the game and that the content of the end game, whatever it is, will have a more open world focus.

The environments and map layout are pretty good so far, particularly in the prologue and “no man’s land” sequence. The world feels like a mix of Mad max, Avatar and World War II. That said, some of the combat areas are a bit nondescript and boxy, at least in this demo, so hopefully players will find more variety in later areas.

The gameplay is an interesting mix between the more tactical third person shooter style present in The division, with cover and mantle transitions and a run-and-shoot style that’s more reminiscent of something like Borderlands. This is due to the multiple abilities each class can use and the fact that healing and survivability depend on being aggressive, facing the enemy’s face, and taking them down. The Devastator class, for example, heals when players kill an enemy that is in close proximity to them.

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The skills feel heavy and powerful. Seismic attacks and armor upgrades from the Devastators, Pyromancer’s attacks and area-of-effect detonations, and the Cryo Turret and Technomancer grenades feel useful in a variety of situations, preventing enemies from channeling powerful attacks or allowing you to reposition from a dangerous situation. Weapons also satisfy so far. There is already a lot of variation in the types of weapons you can use in the demo, and some higher rarity weapons even have special effects or modifiers. Different classes definitely seem to prefer different weapons, particularly considering their respective healing mechanics, but until now, no weapon was locked to a specific class.

However, there have definitely been problems with the demo. Multiple crashes, poor server stability, crashes, and some wacky animations detract from the experience. It’s a demo, of course, and the hopes are that the game’s full launch will be a lot more fluid and polished, but People Can Fly aren’t doing People Can Fly any favors by expecting players to pre-order. Outriders based on this demo.

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Overall, the game definitely has good potential. From the small amount present in the demo, there can be a lot of loot progression and variety, good class customization, and satisfying gameplay. There are three things very important to the success of any looter shooter game that wants to keep players engaged until the end of the game. The story and the world look promising too, and while some of the characters may be a bit grumpy, it’s understandable given their situation.

Without the few bugs and crashes, the Outriders demo would be a very promising experience. This small slice shows that pairing the elements of RPG with shooter and looter game can certainly work. With the kind of content People Can Fly has promised and what this demo suggests, Outriders it seems that it can offer stiff competition to the other titles of the genre.

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