In the original Spider-Verse, Aunt May became the steampunk heroine Lady Spider in the 19th century.

The Marvel multiverse is filled with countless versions of many notable characters, including a host of Spider-Men and Spider-Women who have dedicated themselves to protecting their worlds. However, one of the hottest new ones is relatively underutilized, despite being one of the hottest versions of May Parker ever released.

Now, we take a closer look at Lady Spider, the steampunk version of May Parker featured in the original. Spider-verse event.

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Robbie Thompson’s “Steampunk Lady Spider”, Denis Medri, Paolo Francescutto and Travis Lanham introduced a new version of May Reilly to the Marvel Multiverse, who in many worlds became better known as Peter Parker’s Aunt May. However, in the steampunk-inspired world of Earth-803, there is no Peter Parker who can be bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead, the technologically advanced May became a hero in her own right, inspired by the vision of a spider struggling to break free from her father’s cage. Born in the last days of the 19th century, May, scientifically minded, rages at the limitations her situation tries to impose on her.

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One of the main ways that May exercises her freedom is by inventing a pair of web shooters and a four-arm harness to aid her in combat and travel across the rooftops of her New York City. May also adopts a red and blue disguise, taking the name of Lady Spider and battling the various villains that exist within her reality. This includes the Six Men of Sinestry, made up of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Vulture, and Mysterio. In particular, it appears that the Mysterio of this realm is the leader of the villains rather than the more typical Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, and his illusions are attributed to genuine magic.

Lady Spider was exposed to the larger Marvel Multiverse during the events of Spider-verse, when she was one of the many heroes threatened by her connection to the Web of Life. Although she lacked the same powers that made many of the other versions of Spider-Man so fearsome in a fight, something that briefly saves her life when caught by one of the heirs, Lady Spider’s incredible intellect made her invaluable to him. Spider. Man 2099 attempts to examine the body of the heirs for any weaknesses. Despite the radically different technologies of this era, Lady Spider helped uncover one of the keys to victory. She helped Spider-Man 2099 bring the damaged Leopardon robot back to his timeline for repairs, and the two teamed up to take down a trap her enemies set for Lady Spider.

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Lady Spider became part of the Spider-Army in the final battle against the Heirs and became a constant ally of the Web-Warriors as they dedicated themselves to fighting threats across the multiverse, forging a bond with Billy Braddock. Spider-UK and former member of the Captain Britain Corps, on the way. His world even became the site of a great battle against the Battery, one of the most powerful versions of Electro in the multiverse. His British Spider-Hero partner would later die in Spider-Geddon, leaving Ghost-Spider to eventually inform May of Billy’s disappearance. In tribute to her fallen friend, May buried him in her family’s graveyard, holding a final ceremony with many other multi-universal Spider-Heroes.

Lady Spider is a fun creation, theoretically the Marvel equivalent of something of a fan favorite. Gotham by Gaslight incarnation of the DC Universe. If the Spider-Verse is reopened, then Lady Spider could, and should, receive a grander spotlight to showcase her unique skill set and perspective on the world.

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