Ta-Nehisi Coates confirms reports that he will write the newly announced Superman reboot by sharing the original logo for the 1978 film on social media.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Confirms Reports He Will Write Newly Announced Superman reboot by sharing the original 1978 movie logo on social media. Revealed today, the new Superman Producer JJ Abrams’ film is reportedly being rebooted, though there is no star or director attached to the project yet. The announcement also confirmed that journalist, author and comic book writer Coates would be writing the script. This script would be his second after writing the script for Black Panther director, Ryan Coogler’s upcoming drama, Wrong answerstarring Michael B. Jordan.

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Coates is a well-known comic book fan and has written for Black Panther Y Captain America, although it will make the jump to DC for this one. Besides writing Wrong answer, Coates’ screen work is limited, and his biggest credit is an HBO producer. Between the world and me, which is based on his non-fiction book of the same name. Coates is one of America’s leading writers, known for writing about political, cultural, and social issues affecting the country, particularly social justice for the black population and how white supremacy affects young black men and women.

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Now, Coates He has taken to social networks to personally confirm his participation in the Superman restart. Right after the news was announced, Coates posted a picture from 1978 Superman the movie logo, accompanied by the caption: “Even though I’m late, I’d start over …” —Nina Simone. The words are the lyrics to the song “I wish I knew what it would feel like to be free” by Simone, which was written by Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas. Coates also updated his bio, linking to the original announcement about the film and confirming his participation. You can see the post below:

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The post isn’t just a celebration of his new job, it could also be a clue to the tone Coates will take for the reboot. The original movie is famous about hope for the future, in stark contrast to Iron Man, the most recent Superman solo movie, which was a much darker and more introspective version of the character. By posting this logo, could Coates reveal that it will take Superman back to those hopeful and aspirational roots.

Besides that clue, the new Superman The film will feature a black man of steel. This could mean that Jordan will be considered for the role, which will likely come after the actor himself introduced a black version of the superhero to DC a few years ago before being rejected. Could the study have changed its mind? The fact that Coates is working on a movie with Jordan and Coogler could even be a sign that the duo, who collaborate regularly, could be hired as a director-star team to carry the project forward with Coates and Abrams.

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Source: Ta-Nehisi Coates

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