In this modern era of video games, where style is often preferred over substance, many tend to overlook quality titles that forgo AAA gaming conventions. Most gamers think the platformer genre is dead or stuck in the past, but that’s far from the truth.

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While platformers can be fun, some developers push it to the limit by introducing new challenges, while other sadistic developers design insurmountable scenarios that are sure to shorten the life expectancy of their fellow players. In fact, many of the hardest games of all time are platformers.

10 Happy wheels

Happy Wheels browser video game.

What started as a browser-based flash game gained popularity in the mid-2010s, Happy wheels He was known for his rag dolls, blood, and moments of rage.

In the game, players control a variety of characters, each with their own unique modes of transportation, and attempt to clear the level without taking fatal damage from all sorts of wacky obstacles. Most of these levels are fan creations and as of 2021, there are over 10,000,000 of them. A downloadable sequel is on the way, and fans can also play the more optimized Javascript remake of the original game, as Flash has, unfortunately, been disabled.

9 Get over it with Bennett Foddy

Armed with just a mallet inside a pot, player guide Diogenes on an increasingly abstracted mountain. Easier said than done, as one unfortunate mistake could result in restarting the entire game as there are no checkpoints.

According to the developer, the testers took an average of five hours to complete the game, maintaining that the game was designed for “a certain type of person, to hurt them.” It was originally inspired by a strange flash game titled Sexy hiking.

8 Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

The lost levels plays like the original game and uses the same sprites, except the stage layouts are different. The game punishes players early on as it requires trial and error to get it right. Mario and Luigi also have different attributes, with Luigi being more “slippery” and able to jump higher, making him prone to missteps. Some levels have invisible blocks and poisonous mushrooms that can kill or shrink the player. Fans refer to this game as the “black sheep” of the series.

7 Battletoads

Possibly the most difficult NES I never play, Battletoads features seizure-provoking levels and enemies that come out of nowhere, like a mix of Against Y Double dragon. This game is impossible after level two, and the “Turbo Tunnel” is a speed racer’s worst nightmare that remains one of the most difficult levels in video game history. Masochists are sure to have a field day with this one.

6 Super Ghouls N ‘Ghosts

This game is like a 2D version of Dark souls. The third title in the series still features Knight Arthur who must save the princess after she was kidnapped by the Demon Emperor. On his way to the ghoul realm, he encounters fierce enemies and underbosses, and sometimes ends up fighting in his underwear.

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The infamous difficulty of the game is due to the fact that taking just two hits from enemies will prove fatal. Additionally, players must complete the game twice to unlock a secret item and achieve the true ending.

5 Light blue

The great storytelling of Light blue it should be the gold standard in this modern age. Players identify with the protagonist as they attempt to fight mental illness in the form of physical enemies as they climb Celeste Mountain.

As for the gameplay, it is easy to learn, but difficult to master. The levels start off fairly basic, but new mechanics are introduced later in the game that seriously complicate the works and can trip even the most seasoned platformer.

4 Rayman

the original Rayman the title requires nothing less than perfect skill. Don’t let the innocent looking art fool you. First released in the PSOne (PSX), Rayman has five different levels. Its gameplay was similar to that of Donkey Kong Country, but with sadistic developers adding a ton of killer fruits and veggies.

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However, excessive creeper climbing and fruit hopping are the easiest parts. The stage where the water level rises and Rayman having to get to the top is just terrifying to the point where the pressure makes you want to wet your pants.

3 Cuphead

Cuphead's final boss fight.

Cuphead pays homage to the early days of animation with its beautiful hand-drawn art and painstaking attention to detail. While it’s a blast to watch, it’s exhausting to play, and that’s largely due to the various bosses in the games.

The key to beating them is memorizing their attack patterns. It all comes down to reaction time and the ability to parry, but that’s much easier said than done, making this a particularly difficult endeavor, even for well-tuned players.

two super meat boy

Super Meat Boy video game.

Get ready to smash your consoles and PCs. super meat boy it is like Impossible game but on steroids; it’s basically 300 levels of wall jumping and saw avoidance. If that’s not enough, they even add lasers at the end and rising water to make sure you can’t take a second to plan any moves or at least catch a breath.

One of the best aspects of the game is the unlockable characters, each with different attributes that can be used to beat Warp Zones or bonus levels.

1 I wanna be the boy

IWBTG’s The levels are designed to kill the player as much as possible to make them suffer. The key here is to memorize every peak, obstacle, and platform, but again, only players with divine reflexes and an IQ can make it to the middle of the first level.

It only takes one hit to explode the player’s guts. Also, the difficulty that players choose will not affect the gameplay, only that there are more save points when choosing the lower difficulties.

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