The Walking Dead season 10 episode 3 put poor Carol Peletier through the emotional wringer once again, performing her title “Ghosts.”

Because it is The Walking Dead season 10 episode 3 titled “Ghosts”? Poor Carol Peletier has really been down the drain since the world was invaded by zombies. To be fair, there is no character in The Walking Dead that she has not had a difficult time or lost someone close and dear, but Carol has suffered the ongoing and painful misfortune of losing virtually every child and youth in her care.

Started again in The walking Dead Season two when Carol’s biological daughter Sophia disappeared, only to appear zombified and stumble out of Hershel’s barn, much to her mother’s horror. More heartbreak came in season 4 when Mika was killed by her deranged older sister Lizzie, whom Carol later enraged in that infamous “Look at the Flowers” scene. Then came Sam, whom Carol bonded with in season 5 and who was eaten by the zombie horde that descended on Alexandria in season 6. More recently, Carol lost her adopted son Henry towards the end of season 9 when she was beheaded by Alpha and the Whisperers.

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It’s enough to drive someone crazy with pain and Carol got pretty close The Walking Dead season 10 episode 3. “Ghosts” opened with Alexandria residents battling a constant onslaught of walkers, leaving the settlement exhausted and Carol taking expired caffeine pills to stay awake. Later, Carol, Michonne, and Daryl reunited with the Whisperers, bringing Carol face to face with Alpha, who bragged about Henry’s death. Sleep-deprived, afflicted with pain, and taking pills, Carol would soon face her past traumas in a series of hallucinations that gave the episode its title.

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Carol and the dead children on the cover of The Walking Dead book

While Carol and company took refuge in an abandoned school after meeting with Alpha, Carol came across a textbook and hallucinated that the cover photo was distorted into a gruesome image of her serving dinner to five obviously dead children: Sophia, Mika, Lizzie, Sam and Henry. – who look at her accusingly. Even in the small moments of fatigue-induced sleep that Carol could get, she was plagued with visions and dreams of Henry. This is where The Walking Dead The title “Ghosts” from season 10, episode 3, comes into play, as a reference to Carol being haunted by the hallucinations of the children she has lost.

Although Carol’s pain and desire for revenge against Alpha followed her throughout TWD season 10, seemed to gain some peace after (Living Dead Incoming spoilers) both the Whisperers and the Walker horde were defeated in “A Certain Doom.” However, with AMC set to issue six bonuses Living Dead The season 10 episodes could soon throw more trouble in Carol’s path in the not-too-distant future.

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