It’s just been revealed that a former Morlock has a VERY important job quietly in Krakoa, utilizing her unique expertise.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for MODOK: Head Games # 3 by Jordan Blum, Patton Oswalt, Scott Hepburn, Carlos Lopez and Travis Lanham of VC, on sale now

Krakoa has presented the opportunity for many underutilized mutants and X-Men to have a chance to shine in a way that they never could have otherwise. It has also been the perfect way for previous incarnations of the New Mutants to find exciting new ways to use their potential to improve themselves and their fellow mutants, with their personal experience being just as important as their mutant abilities.

One such mutant is Skids, who is using her experience as a hero and villain to become something of a Krakoan mediator. Who is Skids, and how is her current position as the link between Krakoa and the mutants that live on the island’s top, is the perfect job for the former Morlock?

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Sally Blevins, aka Skids, was introduced early in the original. X Factor Serie. After escaping from her abusive father and discovering that she was a mutant capable of creating a protective force field around herself and others, Skids found a home with the Morlocks. Along with Rusty Collins, Skids avoided the mayhem of the Mutant Massacre after she was fooled by the original X-Factor, who at the time were the original X-Men posing as a group of mutant hunters. Seasoned heroes trained her in the use of her powers and helped her discover her true potential while she also developed romantic feelings for Rusty.

Over the years, Skids have worked with many different groups, including heroic forces like the New Mutants and the X-Terminators, along with more villainous forces like the Mutant Liberation Front and the Acolytes. She was one of the few mutants who retained her powers after the events of House of M and even became an ally of Black Widow and SHIELD. Like all mutants, Skids has been offered a home on Krakoa, though he has not had a prominent role in the current era beyond a brief mention as a possible replacement for Armor’s role in the Sword Six. he has quite an important job in Krakoa.

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Finding Gwenpool arguing with Krakoa about her need to be teleported across the planet, Skids reveals that she has become an “ambassador for mutant and island relations”. This means that Skids are essentially a mediator between the more active mutants living on Krakoa and the living island itself. While Cypher may be the only one who can fully communicate with Krakoa, it appears that Skids has a good relationship with Krakoa to help defuse conflicts between the mutants and the island itself. She proves to be smart enough to see through Gwenpool and suggests simply talking to Krakoa on Krakoan, allowing Gwen to finally make it through the portal to her destination.

This is a great reveal for the young mutant. Skids now has a fairly important position on the island, as his expertise and experience working with all kinds of mutants (good and bad) give him a particular idea of ​​how to communicate with all of them. He is a good choice for the position because his own powers could allow him to protect himself in case of attack or outburst. It also means that he is capable of protecting others (or even Krakoa) from anyone who does.

Considering how dangerous Krakoa has been in the past, and the ease with which it could turn against mutants without warning, it is important that there are people dedicated to preventing the conflict between the mutant population and their new homeland from escalating to a dangerous point. It also gives Skids a role within Krakoa, something the relatively minor mutant had lacked today. It’s a good development for Skids, who has been through a rough life since discovering her mutant powers and being drawn into the nonstop drama that comes with being an ally of the X-Men. This role should bring a bit of stability to the character.

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