A shonen anime like Fullmetal Alchemist will often get the audience involved in its story and characters, only to break their hearts later on.

Anime is an extremely versatile form of entertainment, and series like Fullmetal Alchemist It manages to not only be action-packed, but also touch the layered emotional storytelling. There are many different genres of anime that indulge in all sorts of different conventions, but the variety of shonen series often makes up some of the most popular anime.

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Shonen anime often has a lot of battle content and lasts for a long time, which also allows for a higher level of development with the characters in the series. Anime frequently goes into sad territory, but hopefully it will be done for the sake of the story and not for manipulation. There are some wonderful shonen series that are as exciting as they are thrilling and full of suspense.

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10 Your lie in April creates beauty out of trauma

Your lie in april is a deeply ingrained shonen series, and it doesn’t use sprawling battles or supernatural powers to connect with its audience. Instead, it presents a very realistic narrative about a piano prodigy who loses the ability to play music after his mother passes away. Kosei meets a violinist who immediately opens his eyes to a wider life and rekindles his affinity for music. The tender relationship in Your lie in april How Kosei breaks down his barriers is so beautiful, but he’s also not afraid to create drama for his characters.

9 Assassination Classroom creates a villain who is also the hero

Assassination classroom has an instantly captivating storyline where a class of high school criminals are trained to become deadly assassins by an even more deadly alien, who also happens to be their target. A complex situation arises with the growth of these characters and how Koro-sensei is a valuable mentor for students and the last hurdle. It feels like Assassination classroom he will find a way to escape his gloomy ultimatum with Koro-sensei, but he stands his ground, leading to a very emotional ending.

8 Ancient magician’s girlfriend wallows in complex Stockholm syndrome territory

There are certain anime series that are more unusual than others, and The Ancient Wizard’s Bride It definitely qualifies and forces the audience to navigate through difficult territory. Dark fantasy anime look Chise Hatori, who is sold as a slave to a demon-like wizard named Elias.

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Despite the arrangement, a genuine bond is formed between the two, and Chise doesn’t have much in the world beyond Elias. The whole premise is sad, but it gets more emotional as it goes on.

7 JoJo’s bizarre adventure delves into generations of stories

JoJo Golden Wind Bruno Bucciarati Salute

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a very atypical shonen series in terms of its structure as it tells multiple interconnected stories with the Joestar lineage. Many they apparently connect the stories together into something even bigger and more impressive. However, this nature of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It also means that many members of the Joestar family serve their purposes when the torch is passed. These deaths and sacrifices are heartbreaking, but each season of the anime features honorable characters prematurely serving their ends before the evil in question can be extinguished.

6 The seven deadly sins are stuck on hard labels that they cannot get out of

The very premise of The seven capital sins focuses on redemption in a way that brings darkness to shonen anime, whether with the public perception of sins, or your efforts to bring some order to the world. Many of these characters will not get another chance and that desperate energy is palpable. Also, Meliodas is stuck with a heartbreaking problem where he is cursed for continually reincarnating, keeping him away from his love in the process. It’s a devastating journey, especially since Meliodas has gotten used to it to some degree.

5 Naruto looks at the child soldiers who have nothing but the will to fight

Naruto and its follow-up, Naruto: Shippuden, they are some of the most popular anime of all time, but around the chaotic fights and the cheerful characters there is a story that is actually quite depressing. Naruto is a shonen protagonist who is orphaned by demonic circumstances, which is not unusual, but as a result finds himself infected and excluded from the world.

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Many of the characters come from comparable backgrounds, making for a very tense foundation to later train child soldiers for battle. Naruto find a way to stay positive, but there is also a very dark side to all of this.

4 Deca-Dence’s drab reality hides with oppressive illusion

Decline is a recent anime that is short and sweet, but accomplished a lot with its thought-provoking premise. The anime looks at humble characters with aspirations for more and to lead exciting lives, but it is eventually revealed that much of what is believed to be reality is actually a veneer created to pacify the masses. Decline turns into a brilliant meditation that doesn’t look like the Matrix, but is full of color and satisfying surprises. As in any rebellion, Decline It also features heavy casualties, and the journey to change the world is not an easy one for these optimistic characters.

3 Demon Slayer orphans his protagonist and transforms his sister

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is the new big hit of shonen anime. That show attractive leads, terrifying demons, and some really awesome battles that are gorgeous animation demos. Murderer of demons it’s packed with action, but never at the expense of character development. Tanjiro’s backstory and how his sister, Nezuko, is trapped like a demon, are details that torture him on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Murderer of demons he even delves into the history of his demons and creates sympathy for these monsters before they need to be executed.

two Promised Neverland turns children into fuel supply


The promised neverland shows that there is nothing like a good mystery and the recent anime series plays up the audience’s expectations in the best possible way. It turns out that the orphanage where the main characters live looks more like a buffet than a shrine. These children are being groomed to be devoured by demons, and the reality of these children is shattered as they begin to understand how much of their existence has been a lie. The promised neverland It delves into even deeper territory once the children escape their orphanage and finally get a taste of the real world.

1 Attack On Titan proves humans are the real monsters

Attack on Titan Erwin Death

Attack on Titan is currently in its final season, but it’s been a highlight of the anime every year it’s on, and a more challenging and emotional narrative is constantly being explored. Death and loss have been present in Attack on Titan since the first episode, but the anime has taken away more dear friends or transformed heroes into calculating tyrants. It is devastating to see how the spoils of war have been transformed Attack on Titancharacters, removed their innocence and created an even more volatile world for everyone to live in.

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