Remembering the original Pokemon anime with Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock, many fans will remember their favorite episodes involving these three. Whether Ash defeats a strong gym leader or sees Brock lose his chance to win a woman’s heart, many fans will never forget them.

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However, there may be some cases that fans have forgotten, considering how long it has been since these three ventured out together, including all the girls that Brock has fallen in love with. Some of those girls actually reciprocated his love, while others chose not to.

10 I WANTED IT AGAIN: Temacu but in the end ends up marrying his doctor

Brock, Misty and Temacu, _Pokemon

A girl from the Pokemon The anime that many can argue would fit in alongside other anime characters who fell in love too easily. Temacu from the episode “The Heartbreak of Brock”. Having been obsessed with marriage her entire life, Temacu instantly fell in love with Brock after saving her from falling.

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Even though Brock is confused by her affection for him and doesn’t know how to respond, Misty guides him through this moment and he tells Temacu that he likes her. However, after suffering an accidental attack from Misty’s Poliwhirl, Temacu wakes up from her injury and falls in love with the doctor treating her, leaving Brock a single man once again.

9 COULDN’T: Suzie because she was in love with someone else

Suzie and Vulpix from Pokémon

Suzie from the episode “Pokémon Fashion Flash” is a girl who put Brock in the friend zone. Despite not giving Brock the time of day, Suzie finds his skills to be excellent and compliments Brock on his culinary skills.

Although this pleases Brock and increases his self-esteem, he is disappointed when Suzie denies that she becomes his student. After hearing about her feelings for Zane, Brock puts his feelings aside because he enjoys seeing her happy. Although he did not win his heart, she gave him her Vulpix.

8 WANTED IT AGAIN: Wilohema because he helped her find Marill and relieved her stress

Wilohema from Pokémon

Wilohema from the episode “For Crying Out Loud” might have come from a wealthy background, but it was her kind and caring personality that interested Brock. Ash and Brock help Wilohema find his Maril, and during his search, Brock potentially wins her heart by using his romantic speaking techniques to relieve her stress.

After a brief battle with Team Rocket, Maril reunites with Wilohema and the two say their goodbyes. However, before leaving, Wilohema declares that she would love to see Brock again in the future, showing a romantic interest in him.

7 COULDN’T: Natalie because Brock liked his older sisters better

Natalie from Pokemon

Interestingly, Natalie had a bit of a crush on Brock, but had no chance of winning his heart in the episode “The Lotad Lowdown”. As she watches Brock show interest in her older sisters rather than her, Natalie embarks on a little quest to obtain a Sitrus Berry to help Brock become a better breeder and earn it for her.

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Although her plan fails, Brock eventually comes to her aid and saves her from Beedrill. Despite giving Brock a useful and intriguing berry book that he still has in later episodes, her chances of having a relationship with him are far from realistic.

6 WANTED IT AGAIN: Holly because she was impressed by his fighting skills

Brock and Holly from Pokémon

Holly was not only one of Brock’s best crushes in anime, but she was also someone who left wanting to get better in order to win Brock’s affection. In the episode “Label! We are …!” Holly doesn’t like Brock at first, but when she teams up with him during a competition, she begins to develop feelings for him.

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After seeing Brock’s battle skills and flirting with Nurse Joy, Holly’s jealousy and love for him skyrockets to the point where she gets “heart eyes.” Although she doesn’t decide to accompany Brock on his journey with Ash and his friends, she leaves a message that she wants to see him again.

5 COULDN’T: Fall because she realizes that Brock was only interested in his older sisters

Pokémon Fall

Like Natalie, Autumn suffers the fate of Brock falling in love with other girls in the episode “Tanks for the Memories”. Essentially, Autumn is jealous of Brock’s love for his older sisters and ends up in dire straits regarding Beedrills.

Brock saves her from the dangerous Beedrill just as he did Natalie, which only increases her affection for him. After some shenanigans with Team Rocket and some heartwarming scenes with Brock helping Autumn tend to her Milktank, Brock and his friends leave the Maid Cafe. Although this episode might be worth skipping, it shows that Brock can inadvertently attract females.

4 WANTED IT AGAIN: Lucy because Brock reminded her of her favorite Pokémon

Lucy from Pokémon

One relationship that many fans still support today is Brock and Pike Queen Lucy. Not only did Brock win the affection of a Frontier Brain because it resembled one of his favorite Pokémon, but Lucy loved Brock so much that she decided to fight Ash as a favor for Brock, even though his building was closed that day.

In addition to Brock helping Ash win a match with Lucy, she almost ended up joining them on Ash’s Battle Frontier adventure. Unfortunately, May’s little brother Max takes Brock away before he can ask him to join them.

3 COULDN’T: Lizabeth because she is a movie character who will probably never be seen again

Lizabeth from Pokémon

Lizabeth appeared in one of the best films of the Pokemon franchise, and of course, she too showed signs of loving Brock’s company. Even when Brock showed a book that included many images of Lizabeth’s performances, Lizabeth was never bothered by his affection.

The two appeared in many scenes together, gathering food for Ash and his friends and even in relaxation areas where Lizabeth’s mother makes a sheepish comment about Brock teaching Lizabeth how to cook. Even though their relationship never had a reason to end, ending the movie as a couple would have felt strange to most fans.

two WANTED IT AGAIN: Narissa because she valued her kindness and training methods

Narissa from Pokémon

At Pokemon episode “Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama”, Narissa was all talk and no action, but then she got guidance from Brock. Although she appears arrogant and shy, Narissa reveals that her tough personality was just an act to hide her naivety for Pokémon battles.

After receiving training from Brock, she begins to develop feelings for him. Although she does not lose her feelings for Brock and is shy about wanting him to accompany her on her journey, she loses interest in him after seeing him flirt with another woman.

1 COULDN’T: Gardenia because she adored grass-type Pokémon more than him

Brock and Gardenia from Pokémon

Gardenia was a gym leader just like Brock, although she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings. Despite having an uncanny love for Grass-type Pokémon to the point where he sides with Team Rocket because of Jame’s Carnivine and Cacnea, Brock didn’t let that stop him from trying to win her heart.

Even when Gardenia surrounds herself with children, Brock does not hesitate to flirt with her and claims that their relationship could end as in Hamlet. She poured her heart out to him every chance she got, but Gardenia showed little interest in Brock.

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