Evelin Villegas has yet to get over Corey Rathgeber’s story with Larissa. In fact, when Larissa is mentioned in an interview, Evelin storms out.

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber from 90 day fiancé: the other way they’ve had their fair share of relationship problems. But this time, the problem is none other than his 90 day fiancé co-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima. In an explosive interview, Evelin revealed how Larissa came between her and Corey and almost ended their relationship for good, and why Evelin still hasn’t gotten over it.

Fans first met Corey and Evelin in the first season of 90 day fiancé: otherwise. Corey, a native of Washington state, moved to his girlfriend’s small hometown in Ecuador. There, they clashed over Evelin’s reluctance to marry and start a family while trying to get their beach bar business off the ground. However, Corey and Evelin were allegedly already married before filming the show began. The on-and-off couple broke up and got back together on numerous occasions. After the coronavirus pandemic, the couple were trapped in quarantine even though they had separated. Evelin also posted a long Instagram story in which she accused Corey of being an addict. As of now, they have apparently gotten back together and are working on their relationship.

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But their relationship may still face the threat of one of Corey’s past rumors. In a promotion for 90 Day Boyfriend: Love Games, Evelin got up and left an interview when Larissa’s name was mentioned. “Can you stop talking about the clown?” Evelin said. During one of his breaks, Corey made the decision to meet up with his teammates. 90 day fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima in Las Vegas. “I’m afraid of talking too much about it. I don’t want to get in trouble. Nothing happened.” Corey told of his interaction with Larissa. Although Corey claimed that nothing romantic or sexual happened between him and Larissa, Evelin was still extremely hurt when she saw Larissa posting photos with Corey.

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Since Corey and Larissa’s reunion, Evelin and Larissa’s feud spread to social media. Evelin accused Larissa of breaking the girl’s code by meeting Corey, while Larissa claimed it was Corey who chased her down. Their fight turned nasty, with the women hurling insults at each other about each other’s appearance, sexual history, and character. Obviously, there is discord among women to this day. This is also not the first time that Evelin and Corey have dealt with infidelity issues. In addition to Larissa’s drama, the couple fought over Evelin’s past sexual relationship with one of her friends from her hometown.

Although they are currently together, Evelin and Corey clearly have some deep-seated trust issues to resolve. As for Larissa, the Brazilian beauty is back together with her boyfriend Eric Nichols, whom she has been dating since splitting from ex-husband Colt Johnson. Although Evelin and Corey want to move on, it is clear that Evelin has no desire to fix things with Larissa. In fact, it is hard for him to even hear his name.

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