Guy Ritchie’s upcoming projects include a World War II book adaptation, a television adaptation of his previous work, an action remake, and a spy thriller.

Screenwriter / Director Guy ritchie has been offering chic, daring and purely British films to audiences since the late ’90s, and his next four projects show no signs that he’s slowing down. His distinctive brand of singular dialogue, hulking characters, and intricately woven narratives have built him a reputation of their own. The next chapter in her career seeks to explore new thematic territory while remembering her roots in the London underworld.

After bonding with producer Matthew Vaughn, Ritchie began his film career with two crime comedies that would define his unique style: Lock, butt and two smoking barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000). After a critical hiatus, Ritchie jumped onto larger projects, directing the RDJ-led project. Sherlock Holmes movies and eventually take the reins of billions of dollars Aladdin (2019). Ritchie returned to crime comedies with The Knights (2020), a Matthew McConaughey vehicle that achieved critical and commercial success.

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And looking forward, Ritchie has his eyes on projects that build on his established talents while venturing into new territory. Wrath of man (2021) sees Ritchie adapting a 2004 French action thriller and meeting Jason Statham for the fourth time. Statham is also linked to Five eyes, which began filming in early 2021 and marks Ritchie’s first foray into spy movies since Uncle’s man (2015). Ritchie is also developing a television adaptation of The Knights with Miramax TV, and has been assigned to direct the story of WWII The Ministry of War of Non-Knights.

Wrath of man

The first is the only one of these upcoming projects that has had a set launch date, which was delayed from January 15 to the end of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Wrath of man adapts the 2004 French action thriller film Cash truck and follows the mysterious Jason Statham protagonist who is simply referred to as “H.” H works at a cash trucking company responsible for moving millions of dollars a day safely in the Los Angeles area.

Not much is known beyond this premise about the film so far, but some of the interesting casting options should be highlighted. While the original French film featured Jean Dujardin (The artist, The wolf of Wall Street) in their cast, this next group includes Statham, Scott Eastwood (Suicide squad, The fate of the furious), and the musician Post Malone among others.

Five eyes

Hugh Grant in Uncle's Man

Statham is also aboard the global espionage thriller Five eyes, which began filming in January 2021. I like it UNCLE Earlier, this film brings together two reluctant partners from different agencies, this time the British MI6 and the American CIA, united under the ‘Five Eyes’ global intelligence alliance. Their mission: to disrupt a weapons deal involving new weapons technology that would threaten the world order.

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Among the announced cast of this film are Hugh Grant. (The man of UNCLE, The Knights), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and recreation, Happier season) and Cary Elwes (The princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights), as reported by Deadline. Elwes’ character will serve as the mission director for Statham & Company, fulfilling the role of “M” in Bond’s terms. The movie is written by Gentlemen story contributors Ivan Atkinson and Mark Davies alongside Ritchie.

The Knights (TV)

Then The Knights raised $ 155 million with a budget of $ 22 million, Miramax TV was eager to further develop critical and commercial intellectual property success. Interestingly, according to Deadline, The Knights It was originally released as a series, so in a way the project has come full circle. Ritchie joins a growing roster of high-profile film directors to lend his talent for television as he will write and direct the series.

The cast and plot details of the series itself are still unknown, but the movie The Knights followed an American expat in London (Matthew McConaughey) trying to liquidate his lucrative underground marijuana business. With the scent of money in the air, all kinds of vibrant characters vie for power after this kingpin’s impending retirement, including those played by Jeremy Strong, Colin Farrell and Henry Golding. It is unclear whether any of the original players of The Knights He will return for the series, but with Ritchie involved there will be no shortage of intrigues.

Non-Knight War Ministry

Guy ritchie

Paramount Pictures owns the rights to Damien Lewis’s book Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe On Fire and Birthed Modern Black Ops Since 2015, and until the end of February 2021, they have hired Guy Ritchie to direct. The book tells the story of Winston Churchill’s “Special Operations Executive” organization, formed in retaliation for Germany’s beating of England in 1939. The group broke the rules of knight combat to gain strategic victories against the Nazis, participating in missions that would probably kill them. . As such, they grew into a tight-knit team of operatives who paved the way for similar teams in later conflicts.

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The story gives Ritchie an opportunity to voice his opinion on the WWII genre, which could easily result in the most enjoyable re-imagining of the time since Tarantino. Damn bastards. The agents seem to be a perfect fit for Ritchie’s ability to write colorful characters, and there is little doubt that he will bring an authentically “British” tone to his situation. While there is no published schedule for this project yet, Guy ritchie He clearly has more than enough on his plate to placate fans for the foreseeable future.

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