The show Bling empire is one of the best and most interesting new reality television series, and it is helping to solidify Netflix as a go-to source for this type of original programming. Bravo or fans Selling Sunset you will probably enjoy the series. It follows a group of very wealthy adults from Los Angeles who are all of Asian descent.

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While there are many things about the show that seem fake or produced, one thing that sets the series apart is that many of the cast members appear to be real friends. The cast members are unique and interesting in their own way, but some are more personable than others. Of course, some of the best cast members aren’t necessarily personable, but on this list, sympathy is prioritized.

10 Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is by far the worst cast member, and no one else really comes close to how awful he is. So the next person on this list is already way above him. Andrew was a former Power Rangers actor, but the reason he’s the worst is that he’s clearly a terrible person.

The way he treats Kelly is gruesome and his dynamic is very toxic. Many fans are legitimately concerned for Kelly’s well-being after seeing him manipulate her.

9 Guy tang

boy tang bling empire

Guy is definitely a much better person than Andrew, so as mentioned above, Andrew should be considered in his own category. While we don’t really see a ton of Guy as he’s more of a supportive cast member, he didn’t make a big name for himself.

It was very disrespectful to Anna Shay’s home and privacy when she went to the bathroom and threw one of her sex toys out the window. While Kim got a lot of heat for this, she deserved more.

8 Christine Chiu

christine chiu bling empire cropped

Christine Chiu is definitely the villain of the show, and this makes her really fun to watch. However, she is not necessarily nice. She’s a great addition to the cast, but her insecurities and obsession with being the richest and most popular person in the room can be upsetting.

However, the series does a good job of showing where some of her insecurities come from and making her not just a one-note villain. And it is definitely fabulous. The show wouldn’t be the same without all their parties for Baby G.

7 Jamie Xie

jamie xie-empire bling

Jamie is another cast member who is more of a supporting character who doesn’t have many of his own scenes. While there is nothing particularly bad or annoying that he does in the series, he also does not stand out like some of the other people.

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Watching the show, we mostly see that she is a fashion-loving Instagram influencer, but fans don’t get much of her own drama or personality.

6 Kim lee

kim lee bling empire

Kim starts out less likeable, but by the end of the series, she’s easy to like him a little more. While disrespecting Anna with the sex toy debacle really wasn’t great, and she has a lot to grow up with, fans also tied in with her quest to find her biological father.

When she found out that he had died years ago, it made her more relatable and fans saw her as a more complex person.

5 Kelly mi li

Kelly is generally a sweet and successful person who is personable, but her toxic relationship with Andrew holds her back. For the most part, fans just want to see her safe and happy.

But it’s frustrating to see her lie to her friends about this relationship when they’re actually worried about the way Andrew is treating her. However, because it seems like the relationship could be more than toxic for cameras, it doesn’t seem right to judge Kelly too harshly.

4 Cherie chan

Cherie Chan Bling Empire Cropped

Cherie is nice because overall she is a sweetheart and she also has two adorable children, Jevon and Jadore. Her struggle with the recent loss of her mother and trying to connect with her memory was truly heartbreaking, and made viewers feel a lot of sympathy for her.

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Her friendship with Kane was also particularly endearing, and it was great to see Cherie take control of what she wanted and be the one to ask her boyfriend, Jessy, to marry her.

3 Kevin Kreider

Interview with Kevin Kreider Bling Empire

Kevin is the lovable and goofy hero of the series. While he’s not as naive to the glamorous lifestyle as he likes to make the show sound like, it’s fun to see the other cast members treat him a bit like a new pet.

Also, Kevin is very charismatic and a good friend, which makes it easy to support him. His friendship with Kane Lim is also one of the best things about the entire series. And while his search for Kelly started to get annoying, he’s respectful too.

two Kane lim

Kane Lim Bling Empire

Kane is definitely one of the most prominent stars of the series. While it would be easy to assume that he would just be someone who likes money and looks, he is actually an amazing friend.

He’s fun and sweet, and he’s always taking care of people like his close friends Cherie and Kevin. He brings a lot of charm and energy to the show, and it really wouldn’t be the same without him.

1 Anna shay

Perhaps the most fascinating cast member is Anna Shay. She is much older than the rest of the cast and is also one of the richest members. But, it’s surprisingly down-to-earth and eccentric in a cute way.

He tries to protect people, like Kelly from Andrew, and is not impressed by drama for the sake of drama. While she’s a bit of a mystery, there’s something genuine about her that a lot of fans really like.

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