This year’s Call of Duty entry will reportedly be revealed in the incredibly popular free-to-play Battle Royale, Warzone, around August.

Call of Duty: War Zone it is as large, if not larger, than the actual annualized series from which it was derived. Thanks to its free-to-play element, it can attract a lot of people and it also has the ability to attract people who traditionally don’t like the franchise’s linear multiplayer games. Now, it is being used as a small marketing tool.

There are many eyes on War zone at all times. It helped generate a whopping $ 3 billion for Activision last year alone and has played a pivotal role for the company since its launch at the start of the pandemic. The mode was even used to help launch the official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with a massive in-game event, which helps not only generate publicity, but also greatly increases player engagement. Of course, the trailer debuted online around the same time, but it was a lot more fun to go on a scavenger hunt and have a big nuclear climax.

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A similar large-scale reveal event within War zone it can also happen with the revelation of Call of Duty 2021, if you have to believe the sources. According to a reputable leaker Tom henderson (via Rant game), which was recently suspended from Twitter for some Battlefield leaks, this year’s Call of Duty will be revealed “mid-year” with the help of War zone. The leaker noted that the reveal will reportedly happen around the same time as last year, meaning fans can expect something around August this year. “Call of Duty 2021 will be revealed “mid-year” and will also be revealed via Warzone,“the leaker said on Twitter.

There is no shortage of rumors about what the new game will really be. No one knows the setting, the title, or even who is developing the new entry. Activision has confirmed that there will indeed be a new Obligations this year, to no one’s surprise, but beyond that, it’s a mystery. Rumors suggest that Sledgehammer is involved and it will be World War II or a game based on the Korean War, but it seems like fans will be guessing for a while.

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It’s unclear how involved the event will be, but it’s likely to be a big one. There are currently many rumors circulating that a nuclear bomb will hit the stream. War zone MapSo if that’s an indicator, the scale is huge. It was relatively simple in terms of doing a Cold War-style event in the game last year, but if it dates back to WWII or the Korean War, a new map or major overhaul would probably be needed for the event. . Only time will tell what Activision really does with the greats Obligations to reveal.

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Source: Tom henderson (via Rant game)

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