Captain America has long been one of the toughest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Surpassing well above his weight class, Cap has been battling the greatest evils for a long time, both on his own and as one of the most important Avengers in team history. Few heroes can match Cap’s skill and experience and he is one of the best heroes out there.

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Cap has been operating at the highest levels of the superhero world for a long time and has found himself in battle against some of the most dangerous villains, with the only thing between victory and death being his star shield.

10 Batroc The Leaper may not sound like a big deal, but it’s as tough as it sounds

Batroc the Leaper doesn’t get a lot of respect in the supervillain community, but he’s way better than you think. Proof of this are his multiple battles against Captain America. As a master of the French martial art, Batroc is a formidable foe even against super powerful foes and his acrobatic fighting style makes his fights against Cap exciting.

Cap knows to take Batroc seriously because any mistake against the French fighter can lead to defeat. Batroc is smart and capable, a far greater threat than anyone in such a ridiculous disguise as his should be.

9 Baron Blood’s vampiric powers were almost too much to the limit

Baron's Blood Invaders

Cap has been fighting Baron Blood since WWII. A British vampire who fought on the side of the Axis forces, Blood was one of the biggest threats Cap faced. When he returned years later, he forced Cap to do something he hated: kill. To stop their rampage, Cap beheaded the vampire with his shield.

Blood would return and continue to be one of the most dangerous enemies Cap faces, always testing him to the fullest. Blood even fought Sam Wilson when he was Cap. Their rivalry is not as well known as others, but it remains one of Cap’s most heartbreaking.

8 Baron Strucker is one of Hydra’s greatest leaders

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker has been alive since the late 1800s and began fighting Cap during WWII. Infected by the Deathspore virus, it would stop aging and gain increased durability and a healing factor. As one of Hydra’s most dangerous leaders, Strucker and Cap have clashed many times over the years.

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A formidable fighter and strategist, Strucker has challenged Cap in almost every way over the years, be it in a direct fight between the two or with one of his mind-blowing plans as leader of Hydra.

7 Baron Zemo’s Grudge Is Personal

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo’s hatred for Cap is basically hereditary. Raised by the Nazi Heinrich Zemo, Helmut Zemo blamed Cap for his father’s death and took his father’s purple mask. Zemo would attack Cap whenever he got the chance, whether the Star-Spangled Avenger was alone or with his teammates in the Avengers.

Zemo was always a multifaceted threat to Cap – a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and cunning strategist, he would do anything for victory, committing all manner of terrible deeds in his mission to destroy Cap.

6 Hydra Supreme Cap Almost Conquered Earth

Hydra Cap

Hydra Supreme Cap was one of the most serious challenges that the heroes of the Marvel Universe have faced. When Kubik lowered Cap’s age (after one of the umpteenth failures of the super soldier serum), Red Skull’s influence on her caused her to change Cap’s history, making him an agent of Hydra from his earliest days.

Hydra Supreme would enact a smoldering plan that allowed Hydra to take over the US and had plans for the rest of the world. A good version of Cap would return and fight Hydra Supreme in one of his toughest fights, facing an enemy with all his abilities and a Cosmic Cube. Cap was able to defeat his doppelganger, but he was close.

5 Kang is one of the best warriors of the future

As a member of the Avengers, Cap has faced deadly enemies, but one of the most dangerous was Kang the Conqueror. From a future where he has conquered everything he saw, Kang decided he needed a challenge, one that could only come from fighting the greatest heroes of all: the Avengers.

Cap and the Avengers were always very tested when faced with Kang. His weapon-laden armor was just the beginning of the danger Kang represented – his mind was his greatest true weapon. Kang’s schemes involved much more than brute force and Cap & the Avengers were often close to being defeated every time they faced him.

4 Doctor Doom is a multifaceted threat

doctor doom comic

Doctor Doom is probably the greatest villain on the face of the Earth. Although he is primarily known as a nemesis to the Fantastic Four, he has faced the Avengers many times over the years. Cap and the Avengers have often been lucky in their battles against Doom – he doesn’t go as hard against each other as he does against the damned Richards and their brood.

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That doesn’t make Doom much less of a threat though, as Cap and the Avengers always find it quite difficult to defeat the Latverian monarch and for good reason: Between his brain, armor, and magical abilities, Doom is one of the best. most dangerous villains around.

3 Red Skull is a genocidal monster

Marvel Red Skull Power Cube

Red Skull is Cap’s arch enemy. The two men have been trapped in a death spiral since World War II, fighting each other with a fierceness that is legendary. They are exactly opposite to each other: Red Skull is the culmination of the Nazi ideals of racism and genocide, while Cap represents the triumph of freedom.

Red Skull will commit any atrocity and kill whoever he needs to defeat Cap. Cap knows how terrible the Red Skull is and will stop at nothing to defeat the Nazis. There are few rivalries as intense as this and their battle will last as long as they both live.

two Ultron is an extinction level event

Probably the Avengers’ greatest enemy, Ultron has been responsible for the deaths of millions, massacring everyone in the country of Slovenia in a matter of hours. While Ultron’s main source of enmity is Hank Pym, Cap has led the team against the killer android many times and the fights are always somewhat close.

Ultron is never dangerous: incredibly strong and well-armed, devilishly intelligent, and extremely difficult to hurt due to his adamantium shell. Without his great skill and the help of his teammates, Ultron could have easily killed Cap’s legend.

1 Thanos is one of the deadliest villains in the cosmos

Cap was one of the heroes who took on the Mad Titan when he had the Infinity Gauntlet. Surrounded by his dead companions, Cap approached Thanos, who was basically God, and looked him in the eye.

This moment is one of the most intense in history, as they looked at each other. Their battle was short but fierce; There was no way Cap could take on Thanos and the Mad Titan killed Cap with a backhand blow. Timing wise, it was one of the best of the battle, as Cap proved how brave he was and that regardless of the odds, he never flinches.

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