According to the Legion of Super-Heroes, the heroes of the 21st century made a serious mistake and, even worse, the Legion learned nothing from them!

Spoilers for Future State: Legion of Superheroes # 2 ahead!

In Future State: Legion of Superheroess # 2, readers learn a sad truth about the heroes of our time; they couldn’t save the world. Although the heroes of 31S t Century knows this: they ended up making the same mistakes themselves. The issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Riley Rossmo and colors by Ivan Plascencia, is now available in stores and on all digital comic platforms.

The Legion of Superheroes exists in 31S t century, and although the origins of the team have changed somewhat during its more than 60 years of existence, each incarnation began as a way to recover the spirit of the heroic times of the 20th/ twenty-oneS t centuries; In some iterations, Superboy was the catalyst for the team’s existence. Like 21S t century, 31S t it is full of heroes. Given that the Legion exists a thousand years after the heyday of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, readers may assume that the Legion learned from the mistakes of its predecessor, but Future State: Legion of Superheroes # 2 reveals that this is clearly not the case.

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In the latest issue, readers learn that Legion member Element Lad and his people rampaged across the galaxy, manipulating elements to cause massive destruction. In the wake of the attack, the Legion has been disbanded, and as trouble unfolds, the useless hero Bouncing Boy ponders the Legion’s mandate. Reassess the Legion’s attempt to recreate the spirit of 21S t Heroes of the century, and whether they were successful or not depended on their point of view. Bouncing Boy goes on to say that the Legion “screwed up everything like they did” before concluding that no one has learned anything in the last thousand years.

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Bouncing Boy never reveals how exactly the heroes of the 21st century went wrong, but the fact that they made mistakes and failed in their mission is depressing. However, what is even more annoying is that the Legion did not learn from their mistakes and ended up making the same mistakes. However, not all hope is lost for the Legion – they learn that the people of Element Lad were not responsible for the attacks, which were taken over by the inhabitants of Titan and used as a method to counterattack the United Planets. With the threat of the Titans gone and the Element Lad name cleared, the Legion is free to heal and rebuild the galaxy.

Here the proverb “those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it” applies. The Legion had a thousand years to study today’s heroes and try to improve what they did. the Legion of superheroes may have initially failed in Future stateBut the trouble ends on a note of hope and healing, and perhaps the Legion will learn its lesson this time.

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