After the success of Superman: The Animated Series, Batman returned in The New Batman Adventures. There were new characters, new stories, and a stronger connection in the shared DC Animated Universe. On top of everything The New Batman Adventures presented a new style of art to match that of Superman: The Animated Series.

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As a result, numerous characters were completely revamped with new designs. Like most of the time, when something goes through a change, there are redesigns that fans really loved. On the flip side, there are new looks for characters that fans didn’t like or even despised.

10 Best: Killer Croc

Killer Croc - The New Batman Adventures

In Batman: The Animated SeriesKiller Croc came out with a more grounded version of the character. It looked more human, sporting pale gray scales with subtly sharp teeth. It was an effective design dating back to the character’s debut in the comics.

With recent comics at the time showing Killer Croc as more of a reptile, The New Batman Adventures Following. Croc’s scales were dark green in color, his teeth were much sharper, and he had a much more crocodilian appearance overall.

9 Worst: Baby Doll

Baby Doll on Killer Croc's Shoulders - The New Adventures of Batman

One of the saddest villains in Batman: The Animated Series returned by The New Batman Adventures. Sadly, Baby Doll’s return was one of the weakest in terms of both story and design. Gone are the perfect combination of adult and child characteristics that made Baby Doll so creepy yet supportive.

Instead, Baby Doll was much more streamlined with a cuter, more childlike design. Now she wore brighter blonde pigtails and there were far fewer details in her expressions. In a way, Baby Doll looked more like a child version of Harley Quinn.

8 Best: poison ivy

Poison Ivy in Your Gardens - The New Batman Adventures

There was nothing wrong with the Poison Ivy design at Batman: The Animated Series. A beautiful red-haired woman in a grass uniform – simple but effective in the end. The New Batman Adventures He gave her a whole new look from top to bottom.

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As Ivy had become more metahuman, she now had pale green skin. His eyes look almost white, his hair is much darker, and his suit was even more enhanced. The revamped design is much closer to what most fans think of when they hear the name, Poison Ivy.

7 Worst: The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter - The New Adventures of Batman

While the original design of The Mad Hatter in Batman: The Animated Series it wasn’t exactly subtle, it was still effective. The New Batman Adventures he seems to forget that the Mad Hatter is not actually a strange man from Wonderland.

Jervis Tetch’s head is giant and bulbous like Lewis Carroll’s character, it is much shorter and features long, pointed ears. This made Mad Hatter seem less human and he was so far removed from the first design that he might as well be a different character. It didn’t help that he didn’t have the best times to shine either.

6 Best: scarecrow

Batman vs. the Scarecrow - The New Batman Adventures Comic

This would actually be Scarecrow’s third design, and what many easily consider the best. The first look at Batman: The Animated Series made him look like a real scarecrow that jumped off a pole. The second was better, but a little too cartoonish.

The New Batman Adventures decided to become a horror movie villain with the new look of Scarecrow. The giant scythe, the noose around his neck, and the zombie look made this design an instant favorite. On top of everything, now horror legend Jeffrey Combs voiced it to match the new look.

5 Worst: the riddle

The Riddle - The New Batman Adventures

DC properties have always tried to cash in on a new movie hype, which is a decent marketing ploy. In Riddler’s case, it didn’t result in a superior appearance for the character. Instead of the green suit from the comics of the time, The New Batman Adventures I tried to replicate Jim Carrey’s Riddle from Batman forever.

The result is a rather lazy look: a bald man in green overalls. Sure, it’s also closer to Frank Gorshin’s Riddler from the 1966 series, but in the end, it just lacked the charm or bravery that Batman: The Animated Series provided.

4 Best: Batgirl

Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl - The New Adventures of Batman

Since Batgirl was now under Batman’s wing, Barbara Gordon was upgraded from the rather bland outfit in Batman: The Animated Series. The New Batman Adventures He sees her dressed in black and yellow with a blue cape, a design that even the comics would use for inspiration.

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Barbara Gordon also exhibited physical changes, with much more vibrant blue eyes, her red hair was much darker, and she sported a more stylized but appropriate overall look. Batgirl’s new costume was great and fit into the world of Batman, while remaining a unique heroine who stands on her own.

3 Worst: Catwoman

Catwoman Flirting With Nightwing - The New Batman Adventures

Similar to Riddler, The New Batman Adventures attempted to market Catwoman to fans of the film franchise. As a result, he created a strange new Catwoman who apparently declined, as she sounded and acted more like a college-aged woman.

The white skin and all-black suit made it clear that it was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance. Sadly, many fans thought it was a drastic downgrade from the more grounded version of Batman: The Animated Series.

two Best: Batman

Batman Looms Over Gotham - The New Batman Adventures

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to Batman, that was definitely the case. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini ditched the yellow oval symbol and blue highlights and instead gave a simpler but perfect look to Batman. Black and gray throughout with a black bat symbol across the chest, the redesign worked well.

Fitting perfectly with Kevin Conroy’s voice; There was certainly nothing wrong with the costume seen at all Batman: The Animated Series. The New Batman Adventures The version managed to look even better, a pattern that would continue with League of Justice.

1 Worst: the Joker

The Joker on a Train - The New Adventures of Batman

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum was the Joker. Of all the designs, no character suffered worse than the Clown Prince of Crime. Fans did not take the design well, so the character would receive a much-needed update in League of Justice Y Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

In The New Batman Adventures, they gave him black hair, black eyes and an even slimmer look. The design was unappealing and made him look more like the Freakazoid than the Joker. The saving grace was that Mark Hamill still expressed it brilliantly.

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