Dr Disrespect has been banned from the upcoming Toronto Ultra 100k Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament, likely due to his controversial Twitch ban.

The reason behind Dr. disrespectTwitch’s ban may still be a mystery, but it could also be affecting its eligibility for tournaments, as the popular streamer has been banned from competing in the upcoming Toronto Ultra. Obligations tournament. This is apparently because the tournament will be streamed live on Twitch, and allowing the good Doctor to participate would violate the conditions of his ban.

Dr. Disrespect’s digital drama began in June 2020 when Twitch suddenly banned the popular and often controversial streamer without explanation, a ban that has since been confirmed as permanent and irrevocable. While Doc had earned a reputation for being cheeky, and was briefly banned by Twitch in the past for filming himself and others in a bathroom at TwitchCon, the second ban was granted for no reason and no expiration date either. After a few months of speculation and silence, Doc resurfaced on YouTube to resume streaming, and while he did offer insight into how the ban has affected him, both personally and professionally, to date there is no official reason why he has been permanently banned. from Twitch. .

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Doc has speculated on the reasoning behind his ban, but has otherwise largely stayed away from Twitch and the entire debacle, until it became clear that the ban would affect his career beyond his ability to broadcast on the platform. Dr. Disrespect and fellow streamer, Zack “ZLaner” Lane, with whom Doc has played Call of Duty: War Zone on YouTube, and the winner of last year’s Toronto Ultra Tournament, were hoping to enter this year’s tournament. But as reported by Rant game, ZLaner announced via live broadcast that, to their disappointment, Dr. Disrespect would not be able to participate in the tournament.

I got a message from the Toronto Ultra and Call of Duty organizers, they were the ones who pulled the tournament and said Doc is not allowed.. “

dr disrespect casts shadow at twitch

Doc, when asked about the issue, could only reply that he didn’t know why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the tournament, but it’s not exactly a difficult connection to make. Twitch is the only platform that handles the official video livestream of the tournament, and if Dr. Disrespect participates in the tournament, Twitch would have no choice but to stream it, which would basically create a loophole in its ban. That loophole could be one that he or other players who have been similarly banned could exploit in the future, and Twitch has enough legal trouble without creating the possibility of more. That is, of course, pure speculation, but it is reasonable speculation, especially considering that Doc’s ban is still unexplained.

The Toronto Ultra Call of Duty: War Zone The tournament starts tomorrow, March 1, at 1 PM EST, and offers a $ 100,000 prize for first place. ZLaner is still scheduled to play, but unfortunately, it will do so without the Doc.

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Source: ZLaner (via Rant game)

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