AMC In the badlands It was a show full of captivating stories, extraordinary action scenes and stabbings, so many stabbings, packed into three seasons. Although the show was canceled, it remains memorable, especially for the many characters that added depth to the story and the captivating martial arts fights.

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Bajie is one of those characters who joined the show in season 2 – selfish and ready to betray anyone in the blink of an eye. But over time, he became a loyal and trustworthy friend, who strove to save the people he cared about. Its story arc involved the good, the bad, the ugly, and the honorable, making it one of the best redemption stories on the show.

10 Worst: It exposed Sunny

Into the Badlands - Bajie and Sunny

Season 2 began with Sunny as one of the prisoners in a mining colony. He met Bajie when they were chained up and forced to work together as collectors in the mines. When Lowie saw the death marks on Sunny’s back, she realized it was a pruner for Quinn, but vowed to keep it a secret.

True to his selfish nature, Bajie did not keep his word and told the Engineer what he had discovered, hoping to get a reward for the information. The engineer was excited, of course, and immediately put Sunny in the fighting pit. Unfortunately, karma came early for Bajie, as he was chained to Sunny as punishment for ratting him out.

9 Best: Helped Sunny Escape

Into the Badlands - Baije and Sunny

Being chained up and thrown into the fighting pit gave Sunny and Bajie a chance to escape in the second episode of season 2, “Force of Eagle’s Claw.” Sunny did most of the fighting and Lowie showed her the escape route.

Rather than go their separate ways once they were free and out of the mining colony, Bajie offered to help Sunny find her way back to the Badlands. Even though Sunny was rude to him and refused his help, Bajie went after him and made good on his offer.

8 Worst: theft from another collector

Into the Badlands - Bajie

The rule of the mine where Sunny and Lowie were collectors was that each collector had to make their share and the lowest had to fight to the death in the pit. During a mining excursion in the colony in the season 2 premiere, one of the collectors happily announced that he had found a golden ring.

Lowie asked to see what he had found and took it from him. When he realized that it was something valuable, he took it down and called the guards, claiming that he had found it instead, so that he could get a reward.

7 Best: Silver Moon’s Bran Sunny

Into the Badlands - Bajie - Sunny Bran

During their journey back to the Badlands, Bajie and Sunny encountered Nathaniel, the former regent of the Widow’s husband, turned bounty hunter by the name of Silver Moon. Despite Sunny’s wishes not to kill again, Nathaniel forced him to fight so that he could have an honorable death or a worthy 1,000 death mark.

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Sunny fought bravely, never actually killing him, but Nathaniel disagreed. When Sunny turned her back to walk away, Nathaniel grabbed his sword and ran forward to attack him, but Lowie threw a sword at him and cut off his hand.

6 Worst: he hid his fighting skills

Into the Badlands - Bajie fighting

From the moment they met, Sunny and Lowie were always in one trouble or another. Sunny handled all the fights and Lowie would punch or hit someone on the head with a rock every now and then, but mostly she let Sunny take the lead.

Surprisingly, Bajie actually had great fighting skills, as Sunny discovered in episode 6, “The Leopard Lurks in the Snow,” when Bajie revealed that he was an abbot. His abilities would have come in handy every time the two of them had to struggle to get out of a tight spot. Instead, Lowie let Sunny take all the danger alone.

5 Best: Rescued Veil & Henry

Once they became friends, Bajie followed Sunny in every battle she faced. In the season 2 finale, Sunny went to hunt down Quinn and get Veil and Henry back. Before leaving, he tasked Lowie with finding MK and taking him to the fort where they would meet once he rescued his family.

However, Bajie’s rescue mission did not go as planned. After escaping from the Widow’s prison with the help of Tilda and Odessa, he went after Sunny to help him defeat Quinn. Thanks to Bajie, Sunny was able to get her son back.

4 Worst: I didn’t want to save Portia and Amelia

One of Bajie and Sunny’s stops on the way to Badlands was Nos, a leader of the metal traders. In exchange for Nathaniel’s sword, which Lowie took after the former regent tried to kill Sunny, he gave us a car to use on the final leg of their journey and a shortcut to get there.

Portia was one of the dolls from the camp, who asked Sunny to kill Nos so that she and her daughter Amelia could be free. Sunny turned down the offer, but Nos found out and slashed her face as punishment. Of course, Sunny demanded her freedom, but Lowie was against the idea and wanted Sunny to leave them so they could continue their journey. Fortunately, Sunny decided to fight and Bajie eventually helped get Portia and Amelia away from Nos.

3 Best: Saved Sunny’s life

Into the Badlands - Sonny

Lowie and Sunny encountered the Abbots, who were maintaining and training MK to control his gift. During a fight with the Abbots, one of them attacked Sunny with the hand of the Five Poisons, leaving him in a coma and on the verge of death.

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Bajie and MK broke into the abbot’s monastery to obtain medical supplies and Bajie used his knowledge of his days as an abbot to bring Sunny back, just before the attacking inner demons overwhelmed and killed him.

two Worst: he sent a signal to Azra

From season 1, Azra was painted as a paradise land, much better than Badlands. MK, Sunny, Bajie, and The Widow tried to find their way there, to no avail. The closest they got to them was when Lowie used Sunny’s compass to send a message to Azra. He got no response and immediately gave up, believing Azra to be a dream.

Unbeknownst to him, his message was received by Pilgrim, an old childhood friend of Sunny’s when they were in Azra and who could control the gift. Under the guise of saving the world, Pilgrim and his followers arrived and wreaked havoc, plotting to create an army of dark ones and killing anyone who refused to convert. Although his intentions were good, calling Azra turned out to be the worst thing Lowie could have done.

1 Better: Helped heal Henry

In season 3, Sunny discovered that her son, Henry, also had the gift and it was making him sick. Desperate to save her son, Sunny went in search of Ankara, a healer who was rumored to be very powerful. Although reluctant at first, Lowie accompanied him to heal Henry.

They encountered many dangers along the way, such as blind cannibals, but Lowie obediently stayed by Sunny’s side and helped him fight them all. Even after Ankara only temporarily cured Henry, he willingly went with Sunny and fought the black lotus until they reached Pilgrim, a powerful and dangerous man, in search of a more permanent solution.

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