Most series focus solely on the romantic side of things when it comes to relationships, something that Naruto avoid. Romance was never a central or lateral plot of the series. Outside of Naruto with Hinata and Shikamaru with Temari, neither of them were as well thought out as a result.

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Platonic relationships and the bond a student had with his mentor, on the other hand, were Narutoit’s bread and butter. There were so many great relationships on the show that it’s hard to focus on just ten.

10 Neji and Tenten shared their love for fighting and getting stronger

There was a chemistry between Neji and Tenten that was never fully explored due to Tenten never getting close to a focal point of the series. The two of them spend almost all of their downtime together in part 1 and lots of Shippuden as well.

They were always training with each other, sharing the desire to become stronger. Their matching work ethic helped propel them further as a ninja and create a relationship akin to being really good friends at work.

9 Itachi and Kisame respected each other

Of all the couples in Akatsuki, none had the bond and pleasant general disposition that Kisame and Itachi had with each other. There was a loyalty between the two that could rival any of the great nations, both knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and compensating for them.

Both of them were saddened to discover that the other was dead, Kisame even thought of Itachi in his last moments.

8 Ino and Sakura help each other reach greater heights

Boruto-Ino Sakura

The relationship is more of a rivalry than a typical friendship, but that’s what makes it as great as it is. They help push each other to greater heights with their desire to excel, just like Sasuke and Naruto do.

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Unlike the two main characters, they do so without nearly killing each other. It started out of his love for Sasuke and evolved from that to being better than the other, as shown during Hinata’s wedding preparations. You always need that friend who is a driving force.

7 Naruto helped Neji discover his purpose in life

Chunin Exams

Their battle in the Chunin exams helped turn their lives around, forming a friendship that was solid as a rock before Neji’s death. Going into the fight, Neji felt that fate was inescapable, that we had no other choice in the matter.

Naruto helped change that, just like he did with so many villainous characters in the series. It was also the turning point for Naruto, proving that he was not an idiot, that he really could achieve anything he wanted. That is why his death affected everyone else so much.

6 Tsunade and Jiraiya stayed close regardless of the distance between them.

While Jiraiya is best known for his kinkiness, he had a huge impact on the series and had some of the best bonds, mostly with his students. However, it wasn’t just Naruto and the Amegakure trio that affected, establishing an equally strong connection with Tsunade.

They were almost old flames in the way that they always ignited for each other, no matter how far they grew. However, a truly romantic relationship was never in the cards given Tsunade’s love for Dan, but that didn’t change the bond they formed.

5 Shino and Kiba help each other balance each other’s flaws

Kiba and Shino couldn’t be more different, with personalities that were the exact opposite of each other. Kiba is the wild man, the untamed being who acts first and asks questions later. His exaltation is well known and he is one of the most irascible characters on the show.

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Shino contrasts with that as he is always level-headed and calm. Despite this, they have founded a brotherly bond with each other due to their time on the same team. The clash of their personalities also helps to balance each other, making them the perfect match for each other.

4 Gaara and Naruto were able to bond over their similar pasts

Gaara was the first true villain that Naruto managed to change his mind and one who became one of his best friends, as well as his closest confidante. Even more than Sasuke, Gaara understood the pain and struggle Naruto went through as a jinchūriki.

It goes beyond that, they ended up following the same path, each of them becoming kages of their respective villages and as a result trusted allies with each other.

3 Killer B and Gyuki got over the fact that they were forcibly united

3 b killer with 8 tails

It’s rare for a jinchūriki and his tailed beast to get along, as shown by Kurama and Naruto’s antagonistic relationship for much of the series. The jinchūriki are effectively prisons, so it’s not that surprising.

The only exception is Killer B, who became best friends with Gyuki during their time together. Despite how often the two can argue due to B’s penchant for constantly rapping, Gyuki voluntarily returned to B because she had gotten so used to the man’s madness.

two Choji and Shikamaru support each other no matter what decision is made

Choji and Shikamaru exude the goals of any close relationship, as there is no judgment between either of them, only support. Shikamaru is one of the few who does not judge Choji for his lack of athletic ability, nor does he make fun of him for eating as much as he does.

Instead, he focuses on what makes Choji special, his heart, which is why Choji would do anything to protect his friend. The same is true in reverse, as Choji was one of the first to realize how brilliant Shikamaru was.

1 Kakashi and Might Guy have an almost telepathic bond with each other

No one will ever get close to these two when it comes to platonic relationships. They are the kind of friends that everyone strives to have.

Might Guy’s foolishness is so endearing that not even the calm and collected Kakashi can resist joining him, even if he wishes he could. In the field, they can work smoothly without having to say a word.

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