While The Real Housewives franchise already has many different branches in cities across the country, the newest jewel in the crown is The real housewives of Salt Lake City. The first season was fulfilled positively in general, but there are also many problems with it. On the other hand, the first few seasons will always be difficult in some way as the show turns upside down.

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Still, there were some areas where RHOSLC really missed the mark. While the second season has already been confirmed, there are a few reasons why this deserves and other reasons why it isn’t.

10 He doesn’t deserve it: Meredith and Lisa must bring him

Meredith Marks RHOSLC

Meredith and Lisa had their iconic moments on the season, but they didn’t push hard enough either. Meredith was overly trusting her son, Brooks, to bring up her drama, and she really wouldn’t “get involved” in much.

Their stories felt particularly false as it wouldn’t be very real about their relationship problems. And, Lisa, well she can be quite entertaining, she also needs to have a rude awakening to how she looks.

9 Deserves: There are interesting social and political elements at play.

Jen talking to mary at merediths birthday party - rhoslc

The truth is that each Real housewives The series has unique social and political issues based on the cast members and the city they live in. Many of these series deal with issues of class and race, but Salt Lake City has a rather interesting added element of religion for both the Mormon Church and the Congregation of Mary.

This is definitely fascinating and worth exploring, and fans still have a lot of questions.

8 Not deserved: many of the cast members are too polished

One of the hottest topics Housewives series is that reality television has been around for a long time. Many of the cast members have an idea of ​​how to act and how to curate their image, so it becomes more difficult for things to feel authentic.

This was the case at times with cast members like Meredith and Lisa, who sometimes seemed to be playing too much with a certain planned personality.

7 Deserves: Characters like Jen brought the drama.

On the other hand, Jen, and others like Whitney, brought a lot of drama. While Jen might take things too far at times, without her the season would have been pretty boring. She was clearly going through a lot at the time of filming, and she was also one of the only cast members willing to bring her issues to the table.

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So while not everyone liked it all the time, you have to appreciate that it made the season in so many ways, and it was definitely interesting to watch compared to people like Meredith.

6 Doesn’t Mere: Artificial drama about the real drama that was there.

Whitney Rose RHOSLC

Some of the drama from the first season felt exciting and authentic, but there were also times when interesting things were overlooked. Rather than focus on smaller dramas like Brooks embarrassing Jen, some interesting things happened behind the scenes of many of the relationships, including Meredith and Seth.

It felt like too much being overlooked and ignored, and this was especially true with Mary.

5 Deserves it: Heather is very loved by fans.

heather gay RHOSLC

While fans have their favorite cast members and they were all fascinating to watch in their own way, Heather Gay is definitely the rising star.

She was pretty authentic about her struggles, and her bow was one of the best of this pilot season. While not perfect, she felt more trustworthy and seemed like she was really trying to be a kind person.

4 She doesn’t deserve: Mary wasn’t even in almost any scene.

Mary Cosby RHOSLC

Of all the cast members, one of the most mysterious and controversial is Mary Cosby. Her relationship with her husband, who was previously her grandfather, is scandalous and strange. And there are many questions about the nature of your church and whether it is a cult or not.

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However, Mary was hardly in season. He did not attend many group events. You may have too many skeletons in your closet for the show, but if you’re going to have her as a cast member, she should be in the scenes. While some of this may be due to changes in filming, it still seemed odd.

3 Deserves: There are interesting cast members we want to see more of

One of the main reasons why True Salt Lake City Housewives deserves a second season is that it feels like the first season has just scratched the surface of what’s in there. There is much more drama and questions to explore, including the various relationships between women.

Also, the religious elements and family drama of many cast members are quite poignant, and many fans want more. Whether it’s Heather’s journey to leave Mormonism or Jen’s relationship with Sharrieff, there are many things fans want to see more of.

two Doesn’t deserve: some episodes felt like filler

Lisa Barlow RHOSLC

While there will be filler episodes or at least episodes that are a little less exciting for any reality show, this first season could really drag on at times.

While episodes like the Sheriff’s birthday or the trip to Las Vegas brought iconic moments, others weren’t as memorable and seemed very forced. Overall, the season felt a bit inconsistent.

1 Deserves: The reunion episodes were gold.

While many fans agree that there were some episodes in this season that needed improvement, the reunion episodes were particularly good.

In fact, they were so full of drama and fights that there were three episodes. Some of the most interesting interactions and discussions occurred at the reunion, and it’s clear that the year since filming took place has changed a lot for these women. Because of this, many people want to see more.

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