While Leanne has been dedicated to her faith since Servant began, her most recent death puts her beliefs to the test.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Server Season 2, Episode 7, “Marino,” aired Friday on Apple TV +.

Faith and religion are big topics on Apple TV + Server, and are especially important to the character development of Leanne Grayson, a young member of the Church of Minor Saints. Throughout the show, he has apparently used his faith to perform miracles and curse others, although his loyalty to his cult has varied. She had disobeyed the Church to go to work for the Turners in season 1, but eventually rejoined their ranks.

However, in the latest episode of Server, “Marine”, Leanne may have reached her spiritual breaking point. Following the violent death of the Marinos and the disappearance of her youngest son Sergio, Leanne suffers an emotional breakdown, which may indicate her disillusionment with her religion. This could spell the end of its association with the Church of the Lesser Saints, and even with the faith that has defined it thus far.

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After hearing the initial news about the Marines, Leanne locks herself back in the attic prison. She explains that since she disobeyed Church rules by coming to the Turners, the tragedy with the Marines was her fault. To punish herself, she grabs an old fishing pole and whips herself, a disturbing act of self-flagellation she has done before. He also watches some of Sergio’s old game streams that he appeared on, and it’s clear that he cared deeply for the boy. Later, he makes and hangs several straw crucifixes, suggesting that he is trying to use them to ensure his survival, just as he used them to seemingly resurrect Jericho.

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Unfortunately, her prayers and devotion go unanswered. At the end of the episode, Leanne learns that Sergio has been found dead, having been shot several times in the head. It is clear that death has shaken her faith, and she takes her anger out on her holy possessions. She knocks down and tramples her crucifixes, as well as breaking the rod she used to whip herself. As soon as she does this, the skylight above her cracks and shatters on her.

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This reaction to Sergio’s death is without a doubt a watershed moment for Leanne’s character. Though not exactly the most loyal member of the Church, Leanne’s faith has been her foundation and has depended on her throughout her time at the Turners, both as a babysitter and as a prisoner. It is also the basis of his apparent supernatural abilities, which he hoped to use to help Sergio to no avail.

Her destructive rebellion not only shows that Leanne is rejecting her faith, but also that faith may be pressing against her. The skylight explosion at that specific time was no coincidence, and was likely an act of divine retribution for his act of defiance. Given the delivery of a mystery box addressed to Uncle George containing a dagger, Leanne’s punishment for her error in Church doctrine may be far from over.

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, the second season of Server airs every Friday on Apple TV +.

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