An episode of South Park revealed that guitar legend Slash was a character based on a Dutch fairy tale called “Vunter Slaush”.

Each fictional world has its own rules that you must follow. But South ParkThe rules have always been a bit out of place, and they have been even more so over the years. In particular, what is and is not real within that reality is questionable at best. A good example of these strange incongruities is the difference between Santa Claus and the legendary rock guitarist, Slash. What is and what is not real would be surprising in any other show, but not in South Park.

Santa Claus has long established himself as a real person on the show and has regularly helped children on a number of adventures. When Santa was shot down in Iraq, the children joined Mr. Hankey and Jesus in saving him. It was a strange moment, as Jesus was John Wick several years before Keanu Reeves. Another episode showed Santa and Jesus singing Christmas carols together. But Slash was apparently a very different story.

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The constellation of Slash

In season 15, episode 5, Cartman had a new business venture. Specifically, he was filming drug addicted babies fighting over drugs and then posting the images online for money. He had some kids working for him, including Butters. That wasn’t a surprise, as Butters still hasn’t realized that he wasn’t getting caught up in Cartman’s nefarious antics. The real surprise was that Cartman managed to convince Kyle, who generally knows better, to get involved.

When Cartman wanted to hire Slash for the halftime show of one of his “games,” he sent Craig and Clyde to look for him. They missed more than Pip would have done and couldn’t track down Slash. This infuriated Cartman as Slash had recently performed at his birthday party so he knew the guitar legend was around and available. But the guys kept pushing and the truth came out: Slash wasn’t a real person.

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It turned out that Slash was a lie that parents told their children when they were young. There were mall slashes around the world that performed for their fans. And the Slash on Cartman’s birthday was one of the boy’s parents the whole time. The only boy who knew was Stan. He was against Cartman’s crack baby plan, and he disliked everyone involved in it. He was even more upset that others hadn’t discovered the truth about Slash at his age.

The fun part about this whole scenario was that Slash and Santa had switched roles in South Park. Santa was the real person who was in the world, living his life. Slash, on the other hand, was a childish character based on an old Dutch fairy tale called “Vunter Slaush” that had taken on a life of its own. That version of Slash was even considered a representation of everything good and caring in the world, which is why parents let kids believe he’s real.

In the end, Kyle wanted to build an orphanage for drug addicted babies, but couldn’t make it happen. Mysteriously, someone paid for it and had the facility built. While he never appeared, the hat and guitar left at the scene would seem to indicate that it was Slash. Like Santa at the end of so many Christmas movies, Slash had come and gone like a whisper in the night, leaving joy in his wake. The only question that remained was whether Axel Rose was From South Park Krampus version.

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