One of the most entertaining shows on television right now is the dark comedy superhero series. Boys. One of the main reasons the show is so incredibly funny is the character of Homelander, who has become one of the best villains in recent memory.

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Despite acting like the noblest superhero in the world, there’s no question that Homelander is a bad guy and capable of horrible things. However, even a character like this might not be completely evil. Although he has many terrible traits that are easy to see, there may also be some redeeming qualities to him.

10 Worst: self-obsessed

The Boys Homelander with Doppelganger

One of the most disturbing and fun scenes of season two was Homelander’s encounter with the super shapeshifter, Doppelgänger. While Homelander initially wants Doppelgänger to help him reenact fantasies with Madelyn Stillwell, Doppelgänger eventually tries to please him by delivering Homelander himself.

It’s a hilariously twisted moment, but one that speaks to Homelander’s main problem. The only thing that really matters to him is himself, and his superior attitude is the reason for much of his most egregious behavior.

9 Best: Powerful

The idea behind the Homelander character is basically a superhero who is as powerful as Superman, but almost pure evil. Sure, that’s a terrifying idea, but it’s also hard not to be a little impressed with how powerful Homelander really is.

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There are other survivors on the show who are capable of incredible things, but none of them come close to taking on Homelander. It’s an intimidating power level to be sure, but it’s hard to deny that it makes it more interesting.

8 The worst: indifferent

Perhaps due to his incredible power, Homelander looks down on humanity. At best, he looks at them with indifference, and at worst, he despises how weak they are compared to him. It is this detachment from humanity that allows Homelander to do such terrible things.

Watching the scene where Homelander and Queen Maeve try to save a hijacked plane is a perfect example of how little he cares. It doesn’t bother him in the least that he leaves a plane full of people to die for no reason.

7 The best: you care about your child

Ryan, the son of The Boys Homelander

Another aspect of Homelander’s hatred for humanity is that he feels lonely. This doesn’t really make him understanding at all, and it actually makes him a bit scarier. But she finds hope to end her loneliness with her son, Ryan.

Despite being abusive and mean to Ryan’s mother, he tries to raise Ryan as his own and seems genuinely proud that he is developing as a super. Homelander is not a good father by any means and the relationship is very twisted, yet it is rare to see him love someone other than himself.

6 The worst: psychological torture

The final scene of season 2 of The Boys of Homelander was cut from season 1

The show has proven many times that Homelander is more than capable of inflicting terrible violence on anyone who infuriates him in the least. But his terror does not manifest itself simply physically, but also psychologically.

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He holds Ryan’s mother Becca hostage and makes her live in fear of trying to leave him. He also has a stronghold over Queen Maeve and subtly threatens to kill her if she ever tries to find happiness with someone else.

5 Best: a leader

The boys: what are the real names of the seven

The psychological torture of his teammate, Queen Maeve, is not really a good argument for Homelander’s leadership abilities. It is true that he is not the type of leader that most people would want, but there is no denying that he is indeed a leader.

While the group of superheroes known as the Seven is filled with all kinds of powerful people, most of them are also quite horrible. However, everyone is also terrified of Homelander. Without the fear of what their leader might do, these assumptions could have been out of control.

4 The worst: harmful

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

It’s not just that Homelander is a violent maniac with super powers, but he also has some ugly prejudices against certain people. Stormfront reveals herself to be a murderous Nazi and racist, but that only makes her like her more, which is a poor indicator of her own beliefs.

He also rejects a blind superhero joining the Seven because he does not want to be associated with someone with a disability. He also seems to be against the fact that Queen Maeve is bisexual, just to add a bit more hatred to the mix.

3 Better: moderation

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

It’s hard to give Homelander credit for anything considering he’s such an evil person. In fact, one of the few defenses that comes to mind is that, well, it could be worse.

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Homelander is probably the most powerful being on the planet, and could wipe out entire armies with one hand if he wanted to. Just because he holds back doesn’t make him a good guy, but it shows that he could be a lot more devastating if he really wanted to.

two The worst: unnecessarily cruel

The Boys Homelander Finale

When it comes to fighting crime and being a superhero for the public, Homelander is practically unstoppable. Given his incredible strength and powers, there’s no reason he should have to kill anyone, and he could save the day with minimal effort.

But Homelander just doesn’t care about collateral damage or unnecessary violence. In some cases, he seems to like it. Upon meeting the blind hero, Homelander brutally deaf him just to prove a point. For him, hideous violence is like breathing.

1 Better: pretend to do good

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Although clearly a bad guy, Homelander presents himself to the world as the noblest of heroes. He hides his true self while pretending to be the protector of humanity and a beacon of justice. Once again, he talks about how terrible it is that these lies are among his best qualities.

Homelander might be an evil supervillain who terrorized the world, but he desperately wants people to think he’s the hero. That desire to be loved is about the only thing keeping this deranged super at bay.

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