HIMYM came close to surviving in the form of a female-centric spin-off How I Met Your Dad, but unfortunately the show never came to be, here’s why.

Here’s why I planned How i met your mother cleave How i met your dad it never aired. How i met your mother I enjoyed nearly a decade on CBS as one of the network’s iconic sitcoms, but finally the time came for Ted Mosby’s romantic adventures to come to an end, which came with the show’s ninth and final season. However, it appears that CBS was not ready to say goodbye to How i met your mother because a few months before the show ended, the network announced a spin-off titled How i met your dad it was in the works.

How i met your dad was proposed as a woman-centered twist on the show’s format and was spearheaded by HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, with the help of former Saturday night live writer Emily Spivey. Though How i met your dad was to be set in New York and featured popular HIMYM Hangouts like MacLaren’s Pub, the spin-off would feature new characters and an entirely new story.

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A talented cast was assembled to How i met your dad with Greta Gerwig taking the lead as Sally, a young woman seeking love after her short-lived marriage comes to an end. Nicholas D’Agosto, Andrew Santino, Krysta Rodríguez and Drew Tarver were also chosen as Sally’s friends, family and love interests and Meg Ryan was prepared to provide Sally’s future voice in a similar way to how Bob Saget was the older voice. from Ted on HIMYM. A pilot episode was filmed, but unfortunately How i met your dad it never came to be.

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Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother

According to the then president of CBS, Nina Tassler, the network considered that there were some problems with the How i met your dad The pilot and Bays, Thomas, and Spivey were asked to film a remake, a request that the trio and production company 20th Century Fox turned down. Fox reportedly had plans to sell the spin-off to other networks, but nothing came out and less than a year after the project was announced. How i met your dad he was officially dead.

How i met your dad It wasn’t the only stab in a HIMYM cleave. A couple of years later, Fox revived the project as How i met your father and several talents came together during his attempts to get the show off the ground, including We are executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, You are the worst writer Alison Bennett and HIMYM creators Bays and Thomas (again). Unfortunately, How i met your father failed as How i met your dad before and it seems that the idea of ​​a HIMYM The split has been abandoned, at least for now.

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