Wonder Woman confronts Undoing at the end of time, and the outcome of their fight reveals why she has been collecting totems from her fallen allies.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Future state: Immortal Wonder Woman # 2!

In dc Future state: Immortal Wonder WomanDiana has been collecting totems and relics of fallen heroes in the distant future. Thanks to his immortality, he is one of the last heroes left alive, eventually becoming the only hero still standing to continue fighting. Fighting the Undo, Wonder Woman keeps moving forward, stopping only to help those in need and to collect the relics left behind by DC’s most famous heroes.

In the first chapter of Future state: Immortal wonder woman From Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, Diana went to visit the long-abandoned Batcave, once the home of Batman, who was one of her most trusted friends. Participating in a final discussion with the ghost of Batman, she found Bruce Wayne’s tool belt and decided to take it with her, wanting to keep her memory of the Dark Knight alive and strong. Diana also possesses a Green Lantern power ring, worn around her neck for the same reason, probably belonging to Hal Jordan or John Stewart. But at the end of the story, it turns out that there is a much more important reason why Wonder Woman carries heroic totems into the future.

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The final chapter sees Wonder Wonder unable to save Superman, who surrenders to defeat Darkseid before the end of it all, leaving only his cape for Diana to keep with her. Undo’s swarm of the dark nothingness, having outlived anyone who might have remembered her, Diana ultimately decides to keep fighting, summoning the power to roll back Undo and reshape the cosmos, depicted as a new constellation in the recreated world that follows. It is at this point that the purpose of Diana’s heroic relics becomes clear: By bringing her friends’ totems into their final battle, she has taken their stories to the next reality, ensuring that they can continue to inspire others in need of hope. “This is not the end of my story … Our history,” Diana thinks as she fights, reassured that when the beneficiaries of her victory look up at the stars, they will dream, “Of hope, truth and justice. Of new gods and their stories. Wonderful. Of endings. Of new beginnings”.

Immortal Wonder Woman Star Sign

Taking her place as a mythical being in this new reality, Wonder Woman still wears the heroic totems she brought here, suggesting that DC heroes will be regarded as heroes of ancient religions, their essence passed down to whoever comes after. While recreating the universe is an astonishing feat, it is clear from the story that Diana draws the strength of her former allies to triumph, achieving a victory that she could not have guaranteed if she were only fighting for her own safety or legacy.

It’s a bittersweet ending that’s worth the promise of the ‘Immortal’ Wonder Woman in the title, while also offering a tragically lonely final mission for Diana, and one that takes away her self-confidence and drive to continue. . As such, it’s good that she found her way to these particular totems that provided her with reminders of hope and that she was still a hero herself, even when all seemed lost due to the Undo. Without these relics Wonder Woman he could just have accepted his fate, feeling there was nothing left to fight for at the end of the DC Universe and DC Future state event. Fortunately, he had these reminders from his friends and allies to give him the strength to be more than any hero, a gift that has passed to the mysterious new universe that creates his triumph.

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