After its initial launch, Arkham Asylum it instantly built a reputation as the best superhero video game ever created. It proceeded to spawn two sequels and an additional prequel made just before a climactic final entry. Although the Batman game universe is moving into new territory with something totally new to Knights of Gotham, the Arkham The franchise is still held in high regard. It’s a huge victory for the DC Universe and leaves some pondering what would happen if Marvel ventured into similar play territory.

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The closest fans got to seeing their own Marvel take on Arkham Asylum is Marvel Spider-Man, along with its previous sequel Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Both games received criticism for how the gameplay makes the player “feel” like Spider-Man, similar to the now infamous meme about him. Arkham Serie make players “feel” like Batman. But which Marvel characters would fans like to “feel” like next?

10 Gambit: The Solo Movie That Never Was

Gambit Apocalypse X-Men

Gambit fans may recall by now that recent ambitions to bring the character to the big screen for a solo film, which began long ago when Taylor Kitsch first played the character. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – was not as successful as fans or movie producers would have hoped.

However, if all hope is truly lost for a solo Gambit movie, it wouldn’t hurt to move those solo movie plans into a solo video game. Most importantly, centering the character on a great video game can pique the interest of fans who want to see him get his own movie (i.e. what Miles Morales’s new game did for that character).

9 Ghost Rider The Solo Movie That Never Worked

Ghost Rider and Mephisto powerful demons

Ghost Rider’s problems on the big screen are in a similar situation to Gambit, except that instead of this character struggling to get to the big screen, Ghost Rider got there, twice, but those efforts are kind of a bombshell. . Ghost riders The sequel underperformed at the box office compared to its predecessor, while both received lukewarm reviews from critics.

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Even with the character reintroduced in the MCU. via Agents of protection, It seems unlikely that Marvel will be looking for a third entry in the character’s film franchise anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t switch brands with a fun, ball-to-the-wall video game.

8 Daredevil as an Arkham City clone


With Daredevil and Batman being similar characters, a video game about the Fearless Man could play similarly to Arkham Asylum or, in a more open world environment, Arkham city. Such a game could still have ideas like stealth, stealth takedown, and even the renamed Detective Mode in a way that suits Daredevil’s greater sense of radar.

Add that along with a solid combat system (preferably one that includes Daredevil’s signature nunchucks) and fans around the world would have their next Game of the Year caliber game in the superhero genre.

7 Black Panther as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman

Comic drawing of black panther

Like the Batman and Daredevil mentioned above, Black Panther is another character who is known for his hand-to-hand combat and stealthy nature, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine what a video game surrounding the character would look like.

However, instead of serving as a carbon copy of the Arkham games, this game could go one step further by serving as a tribute to the late Golden Globe winner Chadwick Boseman. With Marvel rightly deciding not to recast T’Challa’s role for the MCU, fans may be don’t ever see the character on the big screen again, but by retelling the character’s story in game form, it could be a humble tribute game that he respects. the preliminary work that Boseman established beforehand.

6 Iron Man as the funniest avenger to play

Iron Man Tony Stark flying

Fans recently played a video game version of Iron Man thanks to the release of Marvel Avengers. While the reviews and word of mouth from fans and critics have not been kind to the game, most players can agree that Iron Man is among the funniest playable characters during its story mode. Some may argue that Iron Man is the most fun character to play in the entire game.

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If that last part really is the case, then fans wouldn’t mind a spin-off game for the character. Let the plays really “feel” like Iron Man flying through the sky.

5 Thor game to show off Asgard

Thor Asgard Characteristic

While most of these entries focus specifically on the characters themselves when asked to get their own video game, this one will be a bit different. Yes, it would be a lot of fun to hit enemies with Mjolnir’s force, but that’s not the main reason a Thor video game should exist.

There should be a Thor game to highlight the beautiful landscapes of Thor’s world environments, specifically Asgard. Imagine exploring a bright and vibrant place like Asgard in raw HD on, say, Playstation 5 format. It might be one of the most beautiful games to ever exist (yet).

4 She-Hulk because a Hulk game has worked multiple times

She hulk

She-Hulk is gearing up for an exclusive Disney + series starring Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany in the title role and even Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Hulk / Bruce Banner. Given all the excitement surrounding the MCU thus far, it would make sense to capitalize on that hype by giving She-Hulk her own video games.

The few times the Hulk has brought in major game consoles, it has been well received by critics and casual fans who thought of games like Ultimate destruction captured the essence of the Hulk’s usual rampage. It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a video game for She-Hulk along the same lines.

3 Ant-Man offers a creative realm

An Ant-Man video game would work for the same reason that both Ant-Man movies work so well and turned out to be so much fun: creativity. Remember scenes like Yellowjacket and Ant-Man fighting in the middle of a children’s toy train from the first movie or the car chase from the sequel that saw a Giant Fish dispenser flying through the air.

On paper, those clips sound like bananas, but it was fun to watch them in their craziness. Now imagine experiencing those scenes in a video game. Toying with Ant-Man’s creativity and ability to grow giant and become small, it’s hard to deny that such a thing wouldn’t be a blast.

two Wanda Maximoff will capitalize on WandaVision

wanda wandavision

The character of Wanda Maximoff, as created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has earned a cult following among casual and non-comic fans since she debuted on The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, he has developed a global phenomenon of a fan base thanks to the success of WandaVision.

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At a time when everyone loves Wanda, now would be as good a time as any for Marvel to continue to capitalize on that success by producing a video game that is perhaps along the same lines as WandaVision. Instead of Wanda jumping through different sitcoms, a game would place her at different levels based on different concepts and genres of video games.

1 Spider-Gwen opens the door to a Spider-Verse game franchise


Yes, Marvel has already given fans two great Spider-Man games centered around two great Spider-Men. But why not a third party? In fact, with so many different Spider-Man and Women existing in the multiverse that it was established in stories like In the spiderverse, creating a different Spider-Man game focusing on all of them wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

Marvel Spider-Man Y Miles Morales shows that Marvel can create two charming Spider-Man games that feel unique in their own way. Playing Peter Parker feels completely different than playing Miles Morales and his stories set completely different tones. Marvel can do it again with a beloved comic book character like Spider-Gwen.

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