Mike Youngquist had a huge debt to pay off after buying his Sequim tree farm in season 7 of Boyfriend for 90 days. Could TLC help you stay afloat?

Season eight star couple 90 day fiancé, Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist are technically not even engaged. The couple, who migrated to 2020 still clinging to their season 7 drama of cheating allegations and communication gaps, are still battling them. But since Mike hasn’t even returned Natalie’s ring, and also admits that he doesn’t love her, many TLC viewers think he may have an ulterior motive. Is 90 day fiancé Is star Mike staying with Natalie just for sweet TLC money?

God is difficult“Natalie said when 90 day fiancé The producers of the seventh season asked him if he loved Mike. The Ukrainian resident further added that “he’s a good boy“But she threw the engagement ring in his suitcase a few hours before he left for America said a lot about their relationship. the Tell everyone She then saw Natalie claiming that Mike cheated on her with her best friend, Sara, a story that she continues to pick up with just 30 days left for her K-1 visa to expire. But fans saw Mike stay calm through it all, even though he eventually confessed that he had no feelings left for him. 90 day fiancé future wife. Still, there is a marriage document and a newspaper ad hinting that Mike and Natalie got married in April 2020.

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As fans recall, Mike talked about buying his Sequim farm from his father in season seven of 90 day fiancé. A common destination for Mike to visit during his childhood, buying the 27-acre Christmas tree farm from his father put Mike in $ 30,000 debt. But the 130-year-old family heirloom also caused Mike to struggle with Natalie about how he couldn’t afford to have children, even at 35. At the time, Natalie and her friends in Kyiv were concerned that Mike didn’t have a suitable job. In Season 8, you have a steady job, but it requires you to travel three hours one way every day. As previously reported, the clerical job at White Cap could be paying Mike around $ 40,000 a year, which would possibly be enough for him and Natalie to consider married a baby.

Natalie Mordovtseva And Mike Youngquist In 90 Day Fiancé 3

But who wouldn’t want an extra $ 1000- $ 1500 for each episode of 90 day fiancé brings them aside? While Mike hasn’t mentioned whether he’s eliminated the debt yet, he likely hasn’t. With that in mind, the TLC paycheck could be a great investment in getting Mike finally debt free. Given the 90 day fiancé Couples are often called in to do the show for a few extra bucks, it could be that Mike is sailing in the same boat, even though the waters are rough thanks to Natalie. That said, although it was Natalie who was blamed for being the bad guy in her 90 day fiancé relationship, fans have slowly started turning towards Mike for being passive-aggressive. Many also think that Mike has made no effort to understand his future wife or their cultural differences.

If he becomes the man Natalie saw as her third husband in the future 90 day fiancé The episodes are yet to be seen. Not that Mike seems like the type to use his reality TV fame to make OnlyFans or Cameos (yet). However, if it finally ends up as a 90 day fiancé success story with Natalie, would be reason enough for fans to believe that Mike hadn’t been hungry for the paycheck, but wanted his love back all along.

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90 day fiancé Season 8 airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

Mike Youngquist in 90 Day Fiancé 6

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