In accepting the Golden Globe for Judas and the Black Messiah, Daniel Kaluuya encountered a technical difficulty during his speech.

Daniel Kaluuya had to face technical problems when winning a Golden Globe. Kaluuya has received rave reviews for his performance as activist and president of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah, directed by Shaka King and produced by Ryan Coogler. The film is about the infiltration of the Black Panther Party by William O’Neal, an FBI informant. Up to this point, Kaluuya has been singled out for all the award shows as a supporting actor in the film.

Kaluuya rose to fame in Jordan Peele’s horror movie Salt, who received his first Oscar nomination as Chris Washington. Since then, Kaluuya has appeared and starred in films such as Black Panther, Widows, Y Queen and slim. Kaluuya was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Salt. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Golden Globes were held in New York City and Los Angeles and the nominees came together virtually from their homes. Kaluuya was nominated against Sacha Baron Cohen for The Chicago 7 trial, Jared Leto by The little things, Bill Murray for On the rocks, and Leslie Odom Jr. for One night in Miami.

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Now Kaluuya can be called the winner of the Golden Globe, but the audience hardly heard his speech due to technical difficulties. Presenter Laura Dern announced Kaluuya as the winner of Best Supporting Actor – Movie and the short camera to Kaluuya, who cannot be heard by viewers. Dern explains the bad connection and it looks like the awards show will continue to the next category, before it comes down to Kaluuya, who can now be heard and has a great reaction to the issue before resuming his acceptance speech. NBC Entertainment posted Kaluuya’s victory on Twitter:

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Kaluuya’s category was the first prize awarded of the night, so he had the best chance of finding a glitch, if there was one. The Golden Globes awards and subsequent award ceremonies were delayed due to the pandemic, which is why the Oscars are scheduled for late April. Since the show must finally go on, the Golden Globes held a virtual ceremony with strict security precautions. With Kaluuya physically unable to attend the ceremony, attending remotely is the best alternative.

Coordinating a virtual awards ceremony with nominees scattered around the world can be challenging, but it is doable. The 2020 Emmy Awards were the first major televised awards show that tried to test the waters and managed to pull it off without a hitch. Given that the Golden Globes Awards are the first ever awards show to offer viewers a sneak peek of what may happen at upcoming shows, primarily the Oscars, Kaluuya could very well be giving several acceptance speeches. While the Oscars do not plan to be remote, hopefully others, if Kaluuya wins, there will be no problem as he is accepting the award.

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Source: NBC Entertainment on Twitter

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