Valheim contains many minerals for players to find and mine as they travel through its various biomes, and gathering them allows for better tool crafting.

Valheim Players will spend much of their time collecting resources as they travel through the various biomes on the map. From the initial collection of wood, stones, and flint to catching the rare items dropped by defeated bosses, most items serve a purpose that merits putting them in a chest. An important resource Valheim Players will want to keep an eye out for veins of ore that can be mined and melted into different metals for crafting.

Some types of ore are easier to find than others, and are available fairly soon after the player starts a game. Valheim save. Others are in remote regions, requiring good armor and decent mead potions if players hope to survive harsh climates long enough to do mining. These hard-to-find types of minerals are worth the risk, though, as they are used to make some of the best weapons, tools, and armor in the game.

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One Valheim The resource that will not be listed below is Black Metal. This crafting item is used to craft weapons and shields, but can only be obtained by defeating Fulings that drop Black Metal Scrap. Because scrap cannot be mined, it is technically not a mineral. That said, players will want to take the time to farm and kill Fulings if they want to create the durable Black Metal gear. Bronze is also not a mineral, but it can be made by processing 2 copper and 1 tin in the forge.

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All Valheim Mineral Types and Their Biome Locations

Valheim mountain biome

Below is a list of each type of ore that players can mine in Valheim. Minerals appear in different biomes, and most require a pickaxe or iron pickaxe to loosen.

  • Copper mine – Copper ore is found in copper deposits located in the Black Forest biome. Players will need a pickaxe to extract these veins.
  • Scrap – Scrap can be found in Muddy Scrap Piles located in the Sunken Crypts of the Swamp Biome. No tools are required to remove scrap iron.
  • Tin ore – Tin ore is found in tin deposits located in the Black Forest biome. Players need a pickaxe to mine this mineral.
  • Silver ore – Silver ore has a higher difficulty level. Silver deposits are found in the Frozen Mountain Biome and require an iron pickaxe for mining. Players will also want to dress accordingly and have mead on hand to avoid freezing to death.
  • Flame mineral – The flamed mineral can be found in piles of shiny metal scattered throughout the Ashlands biome. Players will want several iron picks on hand, as this is a difficult biome and travel will require planning.

Each of these minerals can be processed in a furnace or blast furnace to receive the corresponding type of metal needed for any project. Like any craft resource in Valheimgamers will want to have more of each type of ore in stock, in case they need to craft a replacement tool or weapon quickly. Valheim is a hardcore survival game, and the probability of dying in an adventure is high, so having enough backup resources is never a bad idea.

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