The Unrestricted Portals Mod allows Valheim players to bring non-teleportable metal ore through portals. Here’s how to install it.

One of the most frustrating things about traveling in Valheim is the inability to transport certain resources, particularly metals, through the game’s fast travel portal system. Valheim is a Viking-themed survival game and like all survival games, gathering resources for crafting is one of the most important activities players will do in the game. Many of the games with stronger resources and materials, including Iron, Silver, and Black Metal Scrap, are only found in higher-level biome areas and cannot be teleported. Players who have these items in their inventory will not be able to enter a portal until they have downloaded them to a base, or they will have to walk long distances to move resources between biomes. Fortunately, the Valheim The modding community has been busy fixing minor frustrations like this.

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The unrestricted portals mod for Valheim from xAfflict in Nexus Mods allows players to transport metal ore and other non-teleportable items through portals and also allows them to adjust how much they can carry. Though Valheim officially has no mod support, talented programmers in the community have yet to find ways to add various quality of life features to the Early Access game. Here’s how to install and configure the Unrestricted Portals Mod for Valheim.

How to install the Valheim Unrestricted Portals mod

Portals of Valheim

Players will want to visit Nexus mods to download the Mod from portals without restrictions for Valheim. They will also need to download the BepInExPack, created by denikson, from or GitHub if they don’t already have it installed.

The installation of BepInEx is required to be able to use the Portal Mod without restrictions, and must be done first to ensure proper settings. Instructions for installation on Windows are listed below:

  • Extract the contents of the in a separate folder. Do not extract these files into the game folder.
  • Open the BepInExPack_Valheim binder. Use Ctrl + A Y Ctrl + C to copy all files in this folder.
  • Open the root folder of the game. Players can generally find this by opening Steam, navigating to library, by right clicking Valheim, navigating to Manageand choosing Browse local files.
  • Use Ctrl + V to paste the copied mod files into the game folder.
  • Launch Valheim and make sure the console appears. This will automatically create a new accessories folder inside the BepInEx folder.

Players will need to install the unrestricted portals mod. Installation instructions are listed below:

  • Extract the UnrestrictedPortals.dll file from the downloaded zipped folder.
  • Open the root folder of the game. Players can generally find this by opening Steam, navigating to library, by right clicking Valheim, navigating to Manageand choosing Browse local files.
  • Navigate to BepInEx folder and then open the accessories binder.
  • Drag the extracted UnrestrictedPortals.dll mod file in the accessories binder.
  • Launch Valheim.

Featured Image from Valheim Fast Travel Hub

By default, the mod allows players to carry all items through portals. However, if players prefer to maintain some level of challenge, they can choose to only allow a certain percentage of the original quantity of the item that a player has in inventory.

To select a percentage, players will need to open the configuration files. These can be found within the root folder of the game. Players will need to open BepInEx, then open the accessories binder. Then, they must navigate to the Unrestricted portals folder and open the Config binder.

Players will find two files in the Config binder. General.txt is the base percentage that will be applied to each item. This can be replaced by entries in the other file, Items.txt. The proper syntax for the inputs is listed below:

  • [name = “item_copperore”, percentage = “50%”]
  • [name = “TinOre”, percentage = “50%”]

Players can use the token name or the pre-made name for each restricted item they want to configure.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and is available for PC.


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