This young witch from Southeast Asia stole the hearts of many who knew the anime film series Trigger turned into full-length anime.

Of the three main protagonists of Little witch academy, Sucy might be the most popular. This young witch from Southeast Asia stole the hearts of many who knew the Trigger anime Full-length anime turned movie series with its obsession with potions and a very strange sense of humor.

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There are many things that distinguish Sucy from her two best friends, Atsuko Kagari and Lotte Jansson. Not only is she pale and gray, but Sucy is one of the characters in the series who actually bears a strong resemblance to the classic image of a witch. However, in addition to looks and personality, many may have missed out on Sucy.

10 Sucy is a favorite of one of the Trigger founders

dirty smile

Hiroyuki Imaishi is not only an anime director and animator, but he is also one of the co-founders of Studio Trigger. Of course, creators should also have their own favorites from their series.

Imaishi has stated that his favorite character from the Little witch academy series is Sucy herself. He was also the person who did the storyboard for his episode in the series anime. This makes it clear why Sucy was one of the most prominent characters of the Little witch X Luluco Space Patrol crossover episode, Space patrol was directed by him.

9 Sucy’s origins have changed a bit between versions


Throughout the different iterations of the Little witch academy The Sucy series has received different backstories time and time again. Sometimes this can get a bit confusing.

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At first, it was said that he simply came from a poor family in the Teri Terio manga. The story now is that she is an orphan who was abandoned by her parents, as shown in the Keisuke Sato manga.

8 Sucy’s obsession with toxins stems from potions being her only family bond

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One of Sucy’s main character traits and cause for concern is that she has a keen interest in creating potions and the fact that she is in love with the poisonous variety of them.

Most likely, she has no idea that the reason behind that is that when she was dropped off at the orphanage she was left with nothing but a bottle of potion. This branched out into his obsession due to it being his only real family tie.

7 Sucy’s origins were never actually shown in the anime due to time restrictions

sucy little witch

During an anime convention panel, it was claimed that characters like Constanze, Jasminka, Amanda, and of course Sucy had their backstories removed from the anime due to time constraints.

This is why so many fans jumped to read the Little witch manga, as this series of mild sequels takes a look at these loose pieces of history and thankfully makes the characters even rounder.

6 Sucy wasn’t always naughty

sleep well

As stated before, there are many ideas that just weren’t on the cards to become Little witch academy movies and animated series. One of them is the original Sucy.

Original, she was not the naughty girl everyone knows and loves. In fact, Sucy started out as a “loser” character before being transformed into who she is now so she can better play her co-stars.

5 Sucy is actually a mix of two characters

scary sucy

Another concept that ended up being removed from the original. Little witch academy film were two other students. One of these students was a tomboy and the other was a scientist.

The team ended up finding these other two characters largely unnecessary, but decided to keep the character’s traits and put those elements on Sucy, basically turning her into a mix of two characters.

4 Sucy was originally going to be like a zombie

sucy idk

Sucy is the host of many of the first concepts that ended up being discarded. In fact, one of those early concepts was made just for her and involved a much more zombie-like student witch.

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The appearance of a zombie stems from the fact that this early conceptual idea consisted of her losing parts of her body at times, using them to do a part-time job like magic show work. An ongoing gag was going to be his head following at times.

3 Sucy stands apart from the rest when it comes to romance

lwa trio

When it comes to love interests in the Little witch series seems like most of the original trio have things under control, as Akko and Lotte each have one.

However, Sucy stands out quite a bit as she is the only member of the first trio who does not have a romantic interest. This actually fits her character quite well.

two Akko is Sucy’s best friend

sucy and akko

It’s easy to see that Sucy considers Little witch academy main character, Akko Kagari as her best friend, despite Sucy using her as a test subject.

In the episode titled “Sleeping Sucy”, it is revealed that Sucy remembers her first meeting with Akko as her best memory.

1 Sucy’s is from Southeast Asia and her first broom was a Walis Tambo

sucy broom

Many do not know, but the series has revealed what country and region Sucy is from. The country and region are Southeast Asia, which is even shown on Sucy’s first broom.

His broom in the first episode is a broom named Walis Tambo. This broom is soft and is generally used in homes in the Philippines, found in Southeast Asia.

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