Misidentity and murder cover-up. What can go wrong?


The newly released trailer for Gravitas Ventures’ Say your prayers is a great reminder that Harry Melling he’s on a roll right now. the Harry Potter The franchise student has been popping up on some exciting projects in recent months. First, it was an episode of HBO. Its dark materials, and then for a time, Melling was the king of Netflix with major supporting roles in The old guard, The Queen’s Gambit, Y The devil all the time. The good times continue to roll in for the star with this dark new comedy.

The trailer of Say your prayers it seems like a really fun time. They introduce us to orphaned brothers Tim (Melling) and Vic (Tom brooke, Preacher) as they commit murder somewhere in the English countryside. The brothers, who are also radical Christians, believe they are killing a radical author whose work goes against their beliefs. Instead, the brothers have killed a man who only looks like their target, sending them on a wild ride as they attempt to cover up their first murder and eliminate their real target. And, as if things couldn’t get any more complicated, his mentor, Father Enoch (Derek Jacobi), arrives in the quiet town where both brothers are to help the children and give them a reality check on their dire circumstances. All in one work day … right?

Harry Melling, Derek Jacobi, Tom Brooke in Say Your Prayers

Image via Gravita Ventures

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Besides Melling, Jacobi and Brooke, Say your prayers stars Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane), Roger allam (V for Vendetta), Y Vinette robinson (Sherlock). Say your prayers is directed and co-written by Harry michell (Yesterday, Destiny: The Winx Saga). The film is also co-written by Jamie Fraser.

Say your prayers It will be released in theaters and on demand on April 2. Check out the official trailer below.

Here is the official synopsis of Say your prayers:

The orphaned and radical Christian brothers, Tim and Vic, arrive in Ilkley with the relatively simple task of assassinating Professor John Huxley. However, after a classic case of wrong identity, they find themselves murdering the wrong man. Now trapped in town during Ilkley’s busiest weekend, they await the arrival of a foreboding mentor to give them instructions. The mission has yet to be completed; That’s causing Vic’s rage, Tim’s doubts, or the efforts of the foul-mouthed Detective Inspector Brough to not get in the way first.

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